Big E’s Big Five Values of the Day

Point Guard

Frank Ntilikina (4.4K)- The Rookie point guard is impressing every time he’s on the court. Unfortunately he doesn’t get enough minutes because for some reason Jarrett Jack is the starting PG for the Knicks. He’s capable of filling the stat sheet. He’s not going to score a lot of points, but he will dish out the assists, grab a few rebounds and get a few steals. He’s averaging only 15.82 FD points, but I’m sure if he starts getting more minutes that will go up. His usage rate is only 17.6%, but that’s pretty decent for a rookie bench player.

Shooting Guard

Jamal Crawford (3.3K)- Crawford is a very good value play at this price and you can’t go wrong with one of the best sixth man in the NBA. He’s capable of scoring a lot of points and doing other things on the court so he can hit 5x or better on any given night. His usage rate is 24.3% and that’s fourth on the T-Wolves. He’s the main guy off the bench so he will shoot a lot. He’s FD average is 17.58.

Small Forward

Jonathon Simmons (4.8K)- Simmons gets 25 minutes per game off the bench and his usage rate is 24.2%, which is fourth on the Magic. He’s capable of filling up the stat sheet, which is excellent for a DFS player. At this price on a five game slate you can't go wrong in playing him as his price might go over 5K soon. He’s averaging 21.78 FD points so far this season.

Power Forward

Taj Gibson (4.6K)- At his price Gibson is pretty decent. He’s capable of filling up the stat sheet. He’s more of a rebounder, but can score in double digits every now and then. His usage rate is only 13.3%, which isn’t great, but again he can fill up the stat sheet. His FD average is 23.97.


Alex Len (4.7K)- Len is a point per minute machine; however, he's unfortunately coming off the bench and playing behind old man Tyson Chandler. However, Chandler is dealing with a back injury and Len will get the start tonight. The Suns acquired Greg Monroe on Tuesday for Eric Bledsoe, but he might get traded again so it shouldn’t effect Len’s minutes going forward. In Len’s last game he got 32.3 FD points in 24 minutes. His usage rate is only 16.8%, but I expect that to go up since he is starting tonight. If I’m punting at Center tonight, this is the guy I’m using since he’s going to get over 25 minutes and maybe even over 30. His Fanduel average is 22.82.

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