Results from 11/06/2017 picks:


Point Guard:

        - Kyrie Irving $8,800 - 50.25 points

        - D'Angelo Russell $8,200 - 46 points

        - Dennis Schroder $7,100 - 39 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Devin Booker $8,400 - 24.50 points

        - Wayne Ellington - $3,300 - 14.75 points


Small Forward:

        - T.J. Warren $5,700 - 43.75 points

        - Jayson Tatum $5,600 - 40 points


Power Forward:

        - Draymond Green $7,400 - 34.75 points

        - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $5,900 - 6.50 points



        - Al Horford $7,200 - 44.50 points

        - Hassan Whiteside $7,000 - 11.50 points


Top Tournament Plays at Each Position:


Point Guard:


        - D'Angelo Russell $7,900: Russell has been playing really great basketball lately. For some reason, DraftKings decided to lower his price $300 from last night. The minutes have been consistent for Russell and with Hollis-Jefferson likely to miss this game Russell should earn a slight usage bump. Russell already has a high usage rate and now he gets a juicy match up against the Denver guards that we love to attack. 


        - Mike Conley $7,100: He has already lost me so much money this season, but you must have a short-term memory when it comes to DFS. Memphis is playing up in pace against the Blazers and I love to attack Damian Lillard defense. At this price and match up, Conley has tremendous upside. He should get overlooked in tonight's slate because there are some safer options out there at PG. 


Shooting Guard:


        - Victor Oladipo $8,000: Oladipo has a usage rate of over 30% this season and with Sabonis already listed out, look for that number to go up tonight. The Pelicans play at a slightly higher pace than the Pacers so this means more opportunity for Oladipo to produce for us tonight. Elite spot for Victor against the Pelicans. 


        - Jeremy Lamb $5,900: I'm not going to lie, I was one of the folks that deemed Lamb a bust early in his career. This season, he has seemed to have figured it out and has looked great on the court. He is locked into major minutes and with the Batum injury Lamb's been the primary beneficiary of the extra usage. 


Small Forward:


        - Giannis Antetokounmpo $10,800: This game against the Cavs will be a fantastic game to watch. If I had to pick between LeBron and Giannis tonight, I would play Giannis. Not only is he priced cheaper than LeBron $11,400, but I never like to attack Bucks perimeter players. I know LeBron is match up proof, but Cleveland is struggling to defend everyone. Look for Giannis to fill up the stat sheet and if you can't decide, why not play both? 


        - Robert Covington $5,300: With Embiid out tonight, most should pivot to Saric. Covington is typically a great tournament play every night, however tonight I think he is an elite play. He should be overlooked with the 10 game slate and the down in pace match up against the Jazz will scare most off him. I love Cov tonight because he is locked into major minutes and there is so much upside at his price. His price hasn't dipped this low since the season opener so I will have major exposure to Covington tonight. 


Power Forward:


        - Blake Griffin $8,600: Not exactly the best match up going up against San Antonio's front court, but at this price I really don't care what team the Clippers are playing. Point-Blake has stayed healthy all season and has looked fantastic. Not only is Blake a great play maker he is also taking a career high 5 three's a game. Fire up Blake tonight as he should be relatively low-owned because of the match up.


        - Kevin Love $7,500: Love has put up a few duds lately because of his illness. Coach Lue says Love is fine and he has been practicing so I expect him to be available to play tonight. He is in an elite spot because the Bucks struggle to guard front court players. With the Bledsoe trade, the Bucks must rely on Maker and Henson to try and contain Love. I love me some Love tonight! 


        - Enes Kanter $6,300: A sneaky pivot from Porzingis if you want to play the ownership game. Charlotte bigs are great to attack and Dwight has been dinged up with a sprained foot. Kanter's great play has been overshadowed by Porzingis and rightfully so. The Knicks seem committed to playing Kanter over 30 minutes a game and he has always been able to score. Great tournament play tonight.




        - Nikola Jokic $8,500: The Nuggets are playing up in pace against a Nets team on the second game of their back to back. The Nets have already listed RHJ and Booker out for tonight's game so they are very thin at the front line. This price provides for tremendous upside and Jokic always has the ability to a triple double. Great spot for Jokic tonight!


        - Rudy Gobert $7,900: Rudy is way too under priced for me on tonight's slate. The Sixers struggle to defend the Center position and Embiid is already listed out. Holmes is supposed to be starting at Center for the Sixers, so I expect Gobert to at the very least dominate the glass. The Jazz are also playing way up in pace so the extra possessions will only help Gobert.


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