Big E’s Big Five Values of the Day

Mainly Cash plays but can use in GPP!

Point Guard

Mike James, (5.8K) - In this short three game slate, Mike James is a very good value play. His price is just under 6K but I expect his price to go over 6K most likely after this game tonight, so use him while he’s fairly cheap. James is currently averaging 23.6 minutes per games and his usage rate at home is 24.4% compared to 22.0% on the road. He’s averaging 23.61 Fanduel points. So you really can’t go wrong with using James on this slate.

Shooting Guard

Kent Bazemore, (5.6K) - Bazemore is third on the team in scoring, he averages 13.2 points per game. His third on the team in usage rate at 22.6%. He averages just under 30 minutes per game at 29.6 minutes. The Nets are allowing an average of 42.2 Fanduel points to shooting guards and 47.9 in the last five games. His Fanduel average is 28.79.

Small Forward

Josh Richardson, (4.8K) - Richardson’s usage rate isn’t great at 17.3%, but on this slate you can’t go wrong with using him because it’s a fair price for him. The Warriors are allowing 40.3 Fanduel points to Small Forwards so far this season. His average 22.69 Fanduel points.

Power Forward

Marcus Morris, (4K) - Marcus Morris made his Celtics debut on last Friday night against the OKC Thunder, he got 17.3 Fanduel points in 17 minutes that’s a point per minute. In his second, against the Magic he got 27.9 FD points in just 23 minutes, so he is a point per minute player. This is a very good value at this price, Morris was over 6K last season so use him while he’s this cheap because before you know he’ll be over 6K again.


Tyson Chandler, (4.9K) - Chandler is the best value at the Center position on this slate. This isn’t a great play but if you wanted to punt at Center on this slate, Chandler is the best option. The Nets are giving up the most points to Centers allowing 52.2 FD points and 54.5 in the last five games. His Fanduel average is 21.55.