Mainly Cash plays but can use in GPP!

One Bargain player from each position.

6 or less games- 6K and under

7 or more games- 5K and under


Point Guard:


-Derrick Rose (5K) - Yes. Rose is a bargain because of the price. His usage rate is third on the Cavs at 23.4%. He’s getting the minutes and is still capable of scoring points. Since coming back from his ankle injury, he's scored 19.1 and 23.3 Fanduel points. He’s averaging 20.77 Fanduel points.


Shooting Guard:


-Donovan Mitchell (4.4K) - This is a bargain if you want to punt shooting guard on Friday. If Mitchell gets the minutes, he can score points. In the three games where he's played 27 or more minutes, he's scored 19, 22 and 28 points. Mitchell’s usage rate leads the Jazz with 29.3%, but he's only averaging 23.8 minutes. He should be getting minutes period, so hopefully he will start getting over 30 soon.  There is no reason he shouldn’t as he’s their best scorer. He’s averaging 20.02 FD points.


Small Forward:


-Kelly Oubre Jr. (4.3K) - Oubre had an awful game vs. the Suns, only getting 8.4 Fanduel points with 8 real life points. Yikes! The Cavs are second, behind the New Orleans Pelicans, in Fanduel points given up to the small forward position, with an average of 49.5 and 42 over the last five games. The Cavs are playing no defense so Oubre should do very well. Oubre is capable of filling up the stat sheet. I love this price for him and I predict he will get over 30 FD points (knock on wood). I will be playing him for sure!


Power Forward:


-Kyle Kuzma/Julius Randle (4.7K) - Take advantage of this price because Kuzma will probably be the starter now that Larry Nance Jr. fractured his left thumb and will be out for a while. I’m putting Kuzma and Randle together because we don’t know which one Luke Walton will start on a given night or who he will give the minutes to and both are the same price. I think both are good, but risky because of the minutes. I know it’s the second of a back to back, but they didn’t travel too far and they are playing the Nets who are traveling cross country. The Nets are giving up an average of 45.9 FD points to the power forward position.  




-Kyle O’Quinn, Center (3.8K) - Yes, in my last article I had him and his price went down from 4.6K. As I said in my last article, it depends on the minutes and he only got 11 freaking minutes last game and a total of 4 Fanduel points. Recency bias says he will probably go off. At 3.8K, you probably can get two or three big names and just punt at center. I’m assuming he will get the minutes since Tyson Chandler will be on the other side and they need a physical guy to go toe to toe with him. And let’s face it; Enes Kanter doesn’t play a lick of defense. If he gets about 20 FD points he would hit 5x.


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