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Big slate folks!  Let’s drive on to victory.  Today I am focusing on guys playing up in pace or in high point total contests.  It’s the rag to riches dream we all chase nightly in DFS.  Rev up your engines and avoid all speed bumps tonight.  GPP driven.


Ricky Bobby – “I’m Ricky Bobby.  If you don’t chew Big Red then f**k you!”



Joel Embiid - “You know how I learned to shoot?  I watched white people.  Just regular white people.  They really put their elbow in and finish up top.  You can find videos of them online”  (FD - $9900, DK - $9800)

Few players have as much swag as Embiid.  Just like Ricky Bobby he has one-liners for days.  If Ricky Bobby was on twitter he would be the King.  This man cannot be contained, especially by Marcin Gortat who ranks 17th in defensive rating.  When focused and wanting to make a statement Embiid shows up.  There are a lot of guys to pay up for today so going at Embiid should be at a lower ownership due to that and the fact that he hasn’t had a blow-up game in some time.  Over the last week he is averaging 42.30 FD and 44.75 DK pts however over the last month he is at 46.86 FD pts and 47.64 DK pts.  He should get all of the boards tonight he wants especially with Wall out.  This will have everyone trying to make up those points leaving them a little more passive or out of position for rebounds.  With Wall out KAT brought in 17 boards and the combo of Vonleh and Nurkic grabbed 15.  Currently Washington ranks 17th in rebounds whereas Philly ranks 2nd.  Embiid is going to eat.

Cal Naughton Jr.


Kyle Lowry (FD - $8200, DK - $7800)

Is Cal the star or is it Ricky?  Is it Lowry’s team or Derozan’s?  Just like Cal, Lowry sometimes plays Batman and sometimes plays Robin.  He isn’t a sexy play especially on a large slate, so he will get overlooked.  I expect everyone to be on Westy or some other scrub value guy.  I am trying to keep a more balanced lineup tonight and Lowry fits in perfectly.  He is priced fairly and draws a mediocre defense and a one on one matchup with MCW which doesn’t frighten me.  It is also nice to grab him over playing Derozan as that seems to be one of the hot picks of the night.  Over the last week he is averaging 47.03 FD points and 50.92 DK points.  I expect at least 45pts on both sites with a possible 55.

Jean Girard



Nicolas Batum (FD - $5800, DK - $5800)

They are both French, look good, and have a certain je ne sais quoi.  Unlike Fournier, Batum is not sweet and soft like the crepes he eats.  With Kemba out Batum should get a usage bump and we saw last year that he can smash value.  Be wary as his minutes have been all over the place but the games he has been around 28 minutes he is averaging 13.5pts, 4 rebounds, 4.5 assists, and 1.25 steals.  Over the last 2 years in Charlotte he has averaged 15 pts, 6.15 rebounds, 5.85 assists, and 1 steal per game.  Cross your fingers for a block.  He should easily hit 30+ points if given the minutes.

Carly Bobby



Carmelo Anthony (FD - $6200, DK - $7000)

He says he wants a ring, but we know what he really wants.  Just like Carly, Carmelo wants that paper.  He has heart don’t get me wrong, but he also has a desire to be showered in stacks on stacks on stacks.  Maybe we should change Melo’s name to Hoodie Carly.  Another recency play/pivot.  I expect lots of love for Westbrook tonight as mentioned earlier.  Outside of the recent dud against Dallas he has scored the following in 3 of his last 4 games.

FD: 35.10, 30.50, and 41.80pts

DK: 36.50, 32.25, and 40.75pts

In an up-pace matchup against a team that ranks 24th in DvP and Aaron Gordon’s dismal defense Melo is primed to get you to hit. 



Harrison Barnes (FD - $6500, DK - $6100)

You know that all your getting from Glenn is a handshake or a kiss on the cheek.  Harrison Barnes is that same guy.  Tonight, however he maybe borrowing TJ’s 4 inch power penis or at least going to the store for his own 2 inch one. Analogies curtesy of @danielgreen1  Barnes should be a good play tonight.  Dallas is playing way up in pace vs. the nets who rank 30th against small forwards.  He has been averaging over the last week around 33 points on both sites and has a ceiling of around 45 FD points and 47 DK points.

Honorable Mentions/Pit Crew

Caris LeVert
Jonathan Simmons

Well those are my GPP plays for tonight.  I will be back tomorrow with a new film or show help you fill your lineup.

Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28