Results from Tuesday, November 28th:



Point Guard:

        - Donovan Mitchell $6,500: 26.75 points

        - Jamal Murray $5,100: 14.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Bradley Beal $7,900: 21 points

        - Dion Waiters $6,200: 32.25 points


Small Forward:

        - Andrew Wiggins $6,900: 23.50 points

        - Wayne Ellington $3,600: 11 points


Power Forward:

        - Lauri Markkanen $6,700: 27 points

        - Zach Randolph $5,500: 18.75 points



        - Hassan Whiteside $8,500: 35.50 points

        - Marcin Gortat $5,000: 19.25 points



Top Plays for Wednesday, November 29th:



Point Guard:


        - Chris Paul $8,100: Many people were unsure about how Chris Paul would work with James Harden, but the answer has become pretty clear recently and this duo is giving the NBA some big troubles. Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni is known for playing his starters big minutes regardless if it's a blowout or not so CP3 will get his usual minutes and the pace of this game suits him well. Victor Oladipo should be shadowing Harden all night so there will be plenty of opportunity for CP3 to smash for us tonight. 


        - Dennis Smith Jr. $5,600: This rookie has been pretty average lately, thus the reason why his price has stayed below the $6k mark. This is exactly why I want to play him tonight. I expect ownership to be rather low and his price offers room for upside. The Mavs are playing way up in pace against the Nets and they are another team we love to attack at every position. This is the perfect spot for the aggressive rookie to come through. 



Shooting Guard:


        - Bradley Beal $8,100: Bradley Beal let us all down last night in a great match up with the Timberwolves, but I will go back to the well with him tonight. Recency bias is a big reason here and his price actually increased from last night so I expect a lot of people to fade him. Beal's usage goes up without Wall and tonight's game playing up in pace against Philly guards makes him a must-play for me tonight. 


        - Jimmy Butler $7,400: Butler has been solid lately and isn't afraid to shoot the ball. Jeff Teague injury news will play a large part in our decision to roster Butler tonight because if Teague plays Butler's usage will take a slight hit. Regardless of whether or not Teague plays, Butler is still a strong play in an up-tempo match up with the Pelicans. Rondo and Moore will not be able to contain Butler and he's been doing a great job of filling up the stat sheet lately as well. 



Small Forward:


        - Paul George $8,600: Paul George and the Thunder get a tasty match up against the Orlando Magic tonight. PG is a solid pivot off of Westbrook if you want exposure to this game and he is substantially cheaper. The Thunder will be playing way up in pace against a team that struggles to play any defense. Jonathan Simmons will be busy helping Elfrid try to contain Westbrook so I like Paul George in this game with the Magic. 


        - Lance Stephenson $4,300: Victor Oladipo is currently listed as questionable with a knee bruise. Whether or not Oladipo plays, I still think Stephenson is a strong play tonight. If Oladipo is out, Stephenson almost becomes a must-play at this price. If Oladipo is in, I still think Stephenson is in a great spot because he leads that second unit and with the way the Rockets have been playing lately this game can get out of hand quickly so that could mean some extra minutes for Stephenson. He has been playing well lately and fills up the stat sheet, strong play in tournaments tonight against the Rockets.



Power Forward:


        - Tobias Harris $6,500: The Detroit Pistons get the pleasure of hosting the Phoenix Suns tonight. The Suns have been atrocious lately and have been allowing every team to attack them at virtually every position. Harris isn't afraid to get shots up and, with the Pistons playing way up in pace against the Suns, I look for Harris to get his fair share of usage in tonight's game. Usually a great cash game play, but tonight with this match up he has the upside we need for tournaments. 


        - Thad Young $5,600: When I started doing research for tonight's slate, Thad Young was on my radar against the Rockets. Once I got to see his price, I immediately knew he would be in my article today. His price tag is so cheap and this match up suits his playing style very well. If you want to pivot off of Young, Sabonis at $100 cheaper is another interesting play for me as well. Tonight might be the night to unleash them both in this up-tempo game against Houston.





        - Enes Kanter $5,800: Kanter has been listed as probable and I am guessing that he will play tonight without any restriction. I want to take advantage of the fact that his price is discounted and he gets a great match up with Whiteside and the Heat, playing their second game of a back to back. Look for Whiteside to be the primary defender on Kanter and that is a match up I want to exploit. Kevin Love just went bonkers last night and I look for Kanter to continue the success big men have had against Whiteside this season.  


        - Steven Adams $5,500: This is still way too cheap for Adams. I know he hasn't been great lately, but if he can't get his act together against Vucevic and the Magic then I won't want to roster Adams anymore this year. The Thunder will be playing way up in pace and will need Adams to play heavy minutes to match up with Vucevic on the defensive end. 


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