Tonight is a nice 10 game slate with superstars and good value plays. Last night wasn’t great for your boy, but I am not letting that keep me down. As long as The Judge allows me to help out the great listeners of the podcast, I will do my best to lead everyone to glory. I am extremely new to twitter (@lawrencedoto), creative I know, but if you guys have any questions or want to give me a follow, I will do my best to answer some of them before tip-off. I do this because I want to help you guys win some money and I will do whatever it takes to do that. If you are in the Slack group, don’t be afraid to @ me and I will help you guys out. Let’s take a look at my Daily Dunks for the day and let’s win some money tonight. Good luck everyone!



Point Guard:


Russell Westbrook (FD- $11,000 DK-$11,200) - Russell Westbrook is in a can’t miss spot tonight. Elfrid Payton has been playing awful defense this season. He seems to understand now that he needs to take over for the Thunder to win games. He might get a little passive, but I am still expecting him to dominate on offense tonight. He has been over 54 FD/DK points over his last four games and this could be one of those nights where he can go for 70.

Reggie Jackson/Dennis Smith Jr. (Both $5,800 on FD. DK- RJ-$5,900 DS- $5,600) - I can’t decide which one of these two I am playing tonight. Both are around the same price and have around the same upside. It comes down to preference but I am leaning towards Reggie Jackson. The Suns are awful defensively and the pace of this game suits Jackson’s style of play. Both have risk but they are in favorable match-ups with good upside.


Other plays I like: Tomas Satoransky (FD-$3,500 DK-$3,100), J.J. Barea on DK ($4,600), Michael Carter-Williams on DK ($4,600)



Shooting Guard:


James Harden (FD-$12,200 DK-$11,600) - Every night people come up with an excuse not to play Harden. CP3 will take away touches, the Rockets are going to blow this team out, or we just saw him at the buffet 15 minutes before tip-off. Over his last 10 games here are his DK points: 83.5, 85.3, 62.5, 67.5, 53.3, 41.5, 64 and 73. The two low scores were in blowouts and he still played an average of 34 minutes a game. I have been avoiding Harden and it is costing me money. Tonight I won’t fade him in this game and if you told me that this game had an over/under of 300, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Don’t try to get cute tonight. Lock and load Harden.

Victor Oladipo (FD and DK-$8,400) - I never play Oladipo on the nights he goes off, but against James Harden defense I’ll take my chances. The Pacers are playing up in pace and they are ranked fifth in the league; that tells you how juicy this game is. If anybody plays defense tonight it will be a shock. He seems to be healthy and this is the best matchup for him in the league. I am paying up at SG tonight. Oladipo and Harden should be locks in your lineups.


Other plays I like: Bradley Beal (FD-$8,400 DK-$8,100), Jeremey Lamb (FD-$6,300 DK-$5,500) KCP (FD-$6,200 DK-$5,800)



Small Forward:


Kyle Anderson (FD-$6,100 DK-$5,300) - I like Kyle Anderson more on DK because of the price difference, but he has been consistent over his last five games. I know this is a slow pace game and against the Memphis Grizzles, but he just put up 12/10/5 against a similarly slow paced Dallas Mavericks team. He is getting minutes and he is filling up the stat sheet. If you are struggling for a mid-tier priced SF, I would look towards Anderson.

Bojan Bogdanovic (FD-$4,500 DK-$4,700) - Bogdanovic has been a fixture in my lineups all season. He is quietly averaging 15 points a game while getting 30 minutes a night. Not only is he playing good minutes, but he has been getting double digit shot attempts a night. I love this spot for him and this play helps me save some money. He should have no problem hitting 5x or 6x his value tonight.


Other plays I like: Harrison Barnes (FD-$6,500 DK-$6,100), Nicolas Batum (DK-$5,800), Lance Stephenson (DK-$4,300)



Power Forward:


LaMarcus Aldridge (FD-$8,700 DK-$8,100) - PF is ugly again tonight and Aldridge has been a consistent play for me all year. The offense runs through him and these slow paced games fit his style. He looks out of shape and he isn’t the smoothest player, but he gets the job done every night. There aren’t many PF with his upside and consistency and for whatever reason he gets looked over on every slate. I am building my teams around Westbrook or Harden/Oladipo/Aldridge tonight and if those three do what they have been doing all year I will hopefully be getting back to glory tonight.

Frank Kaminsky (FD-$3,600 DK-$3,800) - This is the least sexy play of the night and it always looks like Frank the Tank is holding in a fart. He will get between 20-25 minutes and at his price he should have no problem hitting value. He doesn’t have to go nuts and, with Kemba Walker out, he will take a couple more shots tonight. We need to find salary relief somewhere and this is a spot that I will be looking at to save money.


Other plays I like: Pascal Siakam (FD-$5,200 DK-$3,800), Larry Nance (FD-$4,900 DK-$5,400)





Andre Drummond (FD-$9,400 DK-$9,200) - Sleepy Drummond makes the list and I don’t feel good about it. I am not expecting a monster 20/20 game like he did last time, but the pace of this game fits his style of play. He will get a mixture of old man Tyson Chandler, horrible Alex Len, and awful Greg Monroe defense. He should feast tonight, but I am a little hesitant because of how sleepy he can get. Hopefully he brings his “A” game tonight and leads use to glory!


Steven Adams (FD-$5,600 DK-$5,500) - The Orlando Magic struggle at two positions on defense; point guard and center. I am going to be stacking Westbrook with Adams all night because there is no reason he can’t get us 15/10. He doesn’t have great upside, but if this game stays close he will get around 35 minutes and can easily hit value for us.


Other plays I like: DeMarcus Cousins (FD-$10,900 and DK-$ 11,000), Myles Turner (FD-$7,000 DK-$6,300)


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