Today’s Feature

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Today’s GPP plays are a young bunch.  All have extreme talent like the kids of School of Rock but need some guidance to reach their potential.  Your task today is to be their Dewey Finn and put together a lineup that can slay the competition.






Zack Mooneyham


Lauri Markkanen (FD – $6900, DK - $6700)

Zack was a guitar prodigy that needed Dewey’s guidance to develop his other skills.  This is similar to the current state of Lauri.  He is an extremely gifted shooter, he may even have been the best pure shooter in this year’s draft.  Chicago is playing way up in pace in this game and the Suns rank 30th in DvP at his position.  Monroe and Chandler pose no threat. He is coming off 3 bad games in a row, so people may be afraid to roster him.  Let’s face it the Bulls are trash, but they will still score points and Lauri should be primed to do so.  The Suns and Bulls faced on 11/19 and he put up 26pts, 13 rebounds, and 2 assists.



Summer Hathaway


Otto Porter (FD - $7300, DK - $6400)

She speaks up when she feels the need to but at the end of the day she follows the rules and produces.  Otto should us the last game without Wall that he can put up a high score with 51 FD points and 49.5 on DK.  According to courtIQ it was 1.06 DK points and 1.07 FD points per minute.  He is especially good for FD as he is ranks 12th in the league with steals and has grabbed 3 steals in 2 of his last 3 games.





TJ Warren (FD - $7400, DK - $7300)

TJ just wants to be cool.  Just like “Mr. Cool” in School of Rock, TJ is extremely talented and may in fact be the most well-rounded player on the Suns.  Due to recency bias and everyone having LeBron/Giannis boners he may be overlooked.  He put up a huge game last time the Suns faced the Bulls.  27pts, 7 Rebounds, 1 assist, 2 blocks, and 1 steal.  If we can get a line like that tonight we will be sitting good.  He is averaging 31.35 FD points and 30.90 KD points on the season.  Tonight, he could easily put up 50+.




Willie Cauley-Stein (FD - $6300, DK - $5100)

This isn’t so much character based as I know that Willie definitely uses this body roll move when at the club.  He may even own this shirt.  Now that WCS is getting around 30 minutes a game he is crushing it and the spot to attack the Bucks is at the Center position.  He is way too cheap on DK for his recent play.

Here are his numbers for the last 3 games:


11/27 – 44.6  11/25 – 33.7  11/22 – 38.70


11/27 – 43  11/25 – 30  11/22 – 38



Well those are my GPP plays for tonight.  I will be back tomorrow with a new film or show to break down the upcoming 10 game slate.


Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28