I’m back everyone! The judge didn’t sentence me as a dream killer, unlike Ben Simmons. Since it’s a small five game slate I won’t be giving likes on both sites rather just the players I like and the prices on both sites. Smaller slates are my strength and I hope everyone listened to my Aldridge and Blake play because those two were dream lovers! Tonight, is a Beal or Booker slate and I am telling you to lock and load BOTH! Live on the edge tonight because if the both have good nights we will win all the money and if they both crap the bed it can be an early night for us. Be positive they both will go off! Good luck everyone!

Point Guard

Eric Bledsoe (FD- $7,000 DK- $6,600)- Not only has Bledsoe been great the last three games scoring over 36 FD points in all of them but Kris Middleton might miss this game to an illness. In the games that Middleton has missed, Bledsoe and Giannis both have a +5.7% usage rate bump and Bledsoe also gets a 4.8% bump in assist and rebounds. I like him regardless but if Middleton is out he is a must play on both sites.

Tim Frazier (FD $4,900 DK- $4,100)- I like him better on DK because of the $800 price difference but he should be chalky tonight. He should get us around 20 FD/DK points tonight and that is all I am expecting out of him. If he gets anymore he will lead us all to glory tonight. He’s an average player at best but he should see around 30 minutes tonight and as long as he is less than $5,000 he will be in my lineups.

Other plays I like: Tyus Jones (if Teague sits) FD-$5,200 and DK-$4,300 or Jamal Murray FD-$5,000  DK- $5,100

Shooting Guard

Jimmy Butler (FD-$8,800 DK- $7,600)- He is a lock and load in all of my lineups tonight on DK. $8,800 is a little too expensive on FD and I might pivot to Beal there. He has been better of late and he should be able to dominate Braley Beal tonight (I took the D out because he doesn’t play any.) He should post up that little guy Beal in the post all night and have a feast. Butler is one of my favorite plays of the night. 

Bradley Beal (FD $8,300 DK- $7,900)- Now I am not a huge fan of this play because he will get Jimmy Butler defense which has gotten better as the year goes. However, who else is going to score for the Wizards? With John Wall out he will shoot the ball 20+ times a game. If he can get us a handful of assist and rebounds he would be a great play. Let’s hope tonight he doesn’t turn into a one trick pony. 

Other plays I like: Devin Booker (FD- $7,100 DK- $8,100) or Dwayne Wade (FD- $5,500 DK $5,300) or Justin Holiday (FD and DK-$5,500)

Small Forward

T.J. Warren (FD-$7,400 DK-$7,300)- T.J. has been average the past two games and that can drive down his ownership but that is because his rebounding numbers have been down. The Bulls play awful defense and he should have a field day getting buckets and rebounding all of those bricks that the Bulls will be shooting. I love this game tonight and I have no problem just stacking this game because there are no superstars and you can get a lot of action. This could be a 130-125 final that could go into O.T. which would make all of us become super aroused and getting those sexual juices flowing!

Denzel Valentine (FD-$6,200 DK-$5,600)- DK’s pricing is so much better on this slate tonight and Valentine will be in all of my lineups. Don’t look at his two games against GS and UTAH because those were blowouts and his minutes suffered because of that. In the games that stay close (and this one should) he has played close to 40 minutes a night. Last game against Miami he had a monster stat line, 14 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists. Denzel is going to make it feel like Valentine’s day tonight and he’s going to be putting all of us in the mood to get a little naughty. Lock and load Valentine in cash and GPPs.

Other plays I like: Tony Snell (if Middleton sits, FD and DK-$3,800) Markieff Morris (FD-$5,200 DK-$4,700) yes, I know he’s a PF on FD but he’s in play on both sites. Otto Porter (FD-$7,300 DK-$6,400)

Power Forward

Lauri Markkanen (FD-$6,900 nice and DK-$6,700)- Markkanen is another lock and load tonight. He faced the Suns nine days ago and went bananas. He exploded for 26 points and 13 rebounds. There’s no reason he shouldn’t get another double-double and the Bulls need to realize he is a 30 minute plus player for them. I love this play on both sites and I don’t see many other PF’s with his upside going tonight.

James Johnson (FD-$5,800 Dk-$5,900)- This is the type of game that James Johnson will thrive in. The Cavs are winning but their defense isn’t special and the Heat should have no problem scoring tonight. This is a risky play but we need them to win GPP’s. He is a tournament play and he is nowhere near my cash games. Good upside but he could score 10 tonight and ruin our nights. 

Other plays I like: Taj Gibson in cash (FD-$5,300 DK-$5,800)


Nikola Jokic (FD-$9,300 DK-$8,700)- This is my slam dunk of the night. I am not paying up for Lebron or Giannis (if Middleton sits I will) and I am building my lineup around Jokic. Who is going to stop him tonight? Favors? Ekpe Udoh? Nobody will be able to stop the Joker and he will have a feast. He should easily get us 25/10/5 with the upside for even more. He will be in all of my cash game and GPP lineups.

Willie Cauley-Stein (FD-$6,300$ DK-$5,100)- What does the Judge always say? We attack Milwaukee’s big men. WCS is a steal on DK a $5,100 and last night wasn’t a fluke. In five of his last six games he has been a monster, ranging from 33 FD/DK points to 44. His minutes have been around 30 for those games and if they drop much below that than the Kings are easily the worst coached team in the league. In DK he is a must pair with Jokic. Don’t over think, trust the results and WCS is a great play.

Other plays I like: Marcin Gortat in cash (FD-$4,900 DK-$5,000) or Tyson Chandler (FD-$4,800 DK- $4,400)

Slam Dunks of the Night: Nikola Jokic, Jimmy Butler, Denzel Valentin and Lauri Markkanen