Well it is a slow day at the movies this Sunday.  However there are some GPP options out there that could bring you to the promised land.  We are going to need some swerves to get there.  Without any big names on the slate we will need some boom or bust guys to go off. 



Today’s Matinee

Pitch Perfect.jpg

The Wolves were an exciting team to think about at the beginning of the year, but have yet to fully reach their potential.  They have a respectable record of 11-8, but their players have been rough to roster.  Today they are playing way up in pace and have an over/under of 224 which is easily the highest on the slate.  I like these plays much much more if Teague is out, but will still be playing them.  The biggest mark from a basketball perspective is they haven’t yet fully accepted defense into their lives and that’s where the cast comes in. 






Beca Mitchell


Jimmy Butler - (FD: 9,000, DK 7,500)

Ceiling: 55-61

Just like Beca, Jimmy is much different than his teammates.  He plays defense or at least knows how.  He was brought in by Thibs to help make the team cohesive and balanced. After a slow start Butler has been bringing in more points on a daily basis.  He is not the specimen of consistency over the last 4 games and this is exactly why it’s GPP only.  I am a much bigger fan of using him on DK as the FD price is a little high going off the figures below.  Let this be an example of when it might be good to play more on one sight or another especially on a small slate.


FD 11/24 - 29.2, 11/22 - 39.1, 11/20 - 24.4, 11/19- 54  His season avg. 33.88

DK 11/24 - 31, 11/22 - 39.25, 11/20 - 24.75, 11/19 - 54.5  His season avg. 34.04



Chloe Beale


Thibs - He’s just looking to bring defense to the team.  He approves of Jimmy and wants the team to accept him and integrate his style into the team.



Aubrey Posen


Andrew Wiggins (FD - 6,800, DK - 6,500)

Ceiling: 40-42

He’s the reigning member of the Wolves and has been reluctant to embrace the defensive talents he has.  Booker can not play D so Wiggins should be able to do whatever he wants all game.  Phoenix is the 28th worse in the league defending the position. He has been averaging over the 4 games 31.23 on FD and 30 on DK.



Lilly Onakurama


Josh Jackson

Every team needs a quiet one.  He averages around 20 points on both sites but whenever he gets minutes he produces with them.  He recently brought in 28 FD points and 26.75 DK points on Wednesday.  With Booker at least hobbled or out he will get more run.



Bumper Allen


Tyreke Evans (FD - 7,700, DK - 6,900)

He’s the ball hogging, showboating they won’t go away.  Reke has been up and down this season but can easily go for over 50.  I don’t expect anyone from the Nets to slow him down in this game.



Didn’t Make The Cut:

Fat Amy

Fat Amy.jpg

KAT Amy (FD - 9,800, DK - 8,900)

The most talented player on the team but seems to let others have the spotlight more often than he should.  I’m going to be off of him today as I like other players more at the position.  He could go off at anytime but so far this season he is averaging around 40 on both sites and over the last 4 games hasn’t even eclipsed 40.  I can’t get myself to do it.  If Teague is out I may give it another look. If paying up I will be playing Marc Gasol.