I just wanted to start off by introducing myself. My name is Lawrence Doto and I am the newest member of the DG courtroom team. I also want to thank the Judge for allowing me to be a part of the team and giving me an opportunity. Now let’s get to how I am going to help you guys achieve glory!

My strengths as a DFS player is in cash games. I have decent success in playing big GPPs, but I made the switch to mostly a cash game player and my success has been much better. There are a few factors that I look at when building lineups. First is pace. I learned this from The Judge. I don’t want players in slow paced games. The next thing I do is check for injuries and what opportunities have just opened up for some players. Always check for injuries and last minute line-up changes. Those moves determine who wins a tournament every night. Last thing I do is check the prices of the players and try to find value right away. Value plays are what separate you from barely cashing in a tournament to having a chance to take down a GPP. Ok that’s enough blabbering on. Here is the first Daily Dunks with Doto. Good luck tonight everyone



Point Guard




Lonzo Ball ($7,200) - Lonzo might not know how to shoot a basketball, but he is a solid play tonight. He gets Lou Williams or Austin Rivers defense, which might be the worst defensive back court duo in the league. He’s gotten 30 or more FD points in four straight and he makes for the ultimate GPP play with his triple double upside. If you like NBA players who can’t score and look lost on the court on the offensive side of the ball, Lonzo is your guy tonight!

Darren Collison ($6,400) - If Victor Oladipo misses this game against the Orlando Magic that makes Collison a lock and load for tonight. TJ freaking McConnell just scored 53.9 FanDuel points against Orlando and he may be the most unathletic point guard in the league (he’s white). Collison has scored 30 or more FD points in five of his last six games and he’s been filling up the stat sheet. Collison makes for a solid cash game play and gives you enough production to be considered for GPPs.

Other plays I like on FanDuel: Elfrid Payton ($7,500) or T.J McConnell ($5,400, only if Ben Simmons doesn’t play)





Chris Paul ($7,900) - DraftKings is slowly moving CP3’s price up, but he is still too cheap not to play. He has to wipe the Cheetos cheese dust off the ball after James Harden passes it to him, but he’s getting used to it. He gets the fast paced, no defense playing Brooklyn Nets tonight and there is no reason why he shouldn’t have 40 DK points. CP3 is a lock in cash games and can put up a 50 burger tonight which makes him a solid GPP play. I think if Cliff Paul played against the Nets he would be a lock for 30 DK points.

De’Aaron Fox ($4,600) - Do you like to get punched in the face? Kicked in the nuts? Well if you do, I got the perfect play for you! De’Aaron Fox is an uber athletic freak of nature and should thrive in this up and down game against the Warriors. It won’t be pretty and after lineups lock you might instantly regret playing Fox, but he shouldn’t have any problem reaching value tonight.

Other plays I like on DK: Ben Simmons (if he plays, $10,000) or Avery Bradley (revenge game against Boston, $5,700)



Shooting Guard




James Harden ($11,800) - The blowout factor does concern me, but even against the Knicks last game out he put up over 60 points. It’s rare that the Rockets get to play up in pace, but against the Nets they will tonight. Shooting guard is ugly and I will be locking in chubby James tonight to guarantee I get production from shooting guard. He’ll shoot, flop, and jiggle his way to at least 60 FD points tonight.

JJ Redick ($5,500) - Anytime I can get a player who will get between 10-18 shots a night and will have JR Smith defense I am all about it. JJ will get 30 plus minutes tonight and the Cavs have been a bottom five defense vs shooting guard. It’s a good thing FD doesn’t take points away for corny arm sleeve tattoos because JJ would be screwed. I mean, he got the idea from talking to Adam Levine…..anyway just play JJ tonight. He should be a lock in cash games.

Other plays I like on FD: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($6,000) or JR Smith ($4,000)





Trevor Ariza ($5,200) - The best thing about DK is the dual position eligibility and Ariza makes for a sneaky GPP play at shooting guard. The Nets are easier to score on then a Kardashian and the great part is you don’t have to worry about getting an STD. He’ll be in both my cash game and GPP lineups tonight.

Bojan Bogdanovic ($4,800) - Bojan has received 32 or more minutes in the last five straight games. He has shown his upside and his floor in the last five games (10-40 DK points). If you want to play a white guy who runs to the corner or just loves to jack up shots, BB is a good play. At his price, and the amount of shots he puts up a game, he makes for a good cash game play and, if he gets hot, he can help you take down a GPP.

Other plays I like on DK: C.J. McCollum ($6,900 nice) Lance Stephenson ($4,100) 



Small Forward




Robert Covington ($6,700) - Sir Covington is the ultimate GPP play. Some nights when you play him you feel like the smartest man alive and other nights he makes you want to slam your head into a door. This game has sneaky good upside to it and I want a big piece of it. Over his last four games he has scored above 28 FD points and, if he gets hot from three-point land tonight, he can put up a monster game. Good upside with Covington tonight.

Brandon Ingram ($6,300) - He sucks. I suck. It seems like we are a match made in heaven. He plays too many minutes to be ignored. Ingram has scored 26 or more FD points in five straight games and showed his upside by scoring 47 against the 76ers. He’s too damn skinny and long (that’s what she said), but at his price (and against the Clippers) he makes for a great GPP play tonight.

Other plays I like FD: DeMarre Carroll ($5,700) or Wesley Johnson ($5,200)





Harrison Barnes ($5,500) - This is what I am talking about when I say I look for value plays every night. How is Harrison Barnes only $5,500? Two weeks ago, he went against the Spurs and scored 34 DK points and his price dropped $600 since then. He has scored 40 or more DK points four times in the last three weeks and also added three 30 DK points in the same span. Lock and load in cash games and if he scores you 40 points again that’s almost eight times value. The sexual juices are flowing tonight for Harrison Barnes!

Caris LeVert ($4,300) - RHJ went down with an injury last night and that frees up a lot of minutes for LeVert. He has been hitting value over the last six games (scoring between 19-26) and that is what you want from your punt plays. This is the type of game that benefits LeVert and even if this game is a blowout it won’t affect his minutes. Another lock and load in cash games, but he doesn’t have crazy upside so keep your expectations reasonable.

Other plays I like: LeBron James ($11,400) or Omri Casspi ($3,800)



Power Forward




Blake Griffin ($9,700) - Blake Griffin is my man crush in DFS. Going against the Lakers will be the Clippers NBA finals this year and Blake is going to go bananas tonight. In the last meeting against the Lakers he put up 49.9 FD points and I am expecting around the same production tonight. Blake will be in my cash games, GPPs and my dreams tonight because of how much money he will help us win.

LaMarcus Aldridge ($8,300) - He’s another guy I keep putting in my lineups and he hasn’t let me down. He faced the Mavs almost two weeks ago and put up a 50 burger on them. The Mavs don’t rebound or play defense in the post. I am paying up at PF tonight and having Blake and Aldridge in there. They will give me around 100 just from the PF position. Until Kawhi returns, Aldridge is a lock and load in cash games.





I am playing the same two guys on DK. I’ll also be sneaking in Kyle Kuzma ($6,800) and Dario Saric ($5,200). I’m not getting cute on this slate and I am sticking with Blake and Aldridge. Both go over looked and in GPPs that is exactly what you want. Big upside with low ownership allows us to win some money.







DeAndre Jordan ($7,800) - My bold call of the night. DeAndre goes for 20/20 tonight against the Lakers. Brook Lopez is allergic to rebounding and there is no way he can keep up with DeAndre running up and down the court tonight. If the Lakers decide to put Julius “Waffle House” Randle on him that will be a massacre on the boards.

Clint Capela ($7,300) - Clint Capela will dominate the Brooklyn Nets tonight. There’s no reason he shouldn’t get us at least 35 FD points. Jusuf Nurkic just put up 65.5 FD points against the Nets three days ago. Most will be on Embiid and Drummond tonight and we should get him at a lower ownership which gets the juices flowing.

Other plays I like: Andre Drummond ($8,900)




It’s just like PF. I like the same plays on both sites. I'm going to try my best to squeeze in Blake, Aldridge and DeAndre in my cash game lineups. As DFS players, we get too cute and tend to stay away from playing certain players in too many lineups. My advice for you; if you are feeling a player, get them in all your lineups. Don’t second guess yourself. Trust your instincts.



Slam Dunks of the Day: Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan.