Results from Wednesday, November 22nd:


Point Guard:

        - Eric Bledsoe $6,500: 49.50 points

        - Spencer Dinwiddie $6,300: 27.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Jimmy Butler $7,400: 39.25 points

        - C.J. McCollum $7,300: 11.75 points


Small Forward:

        - Carmelo Anthony $6,700: 32.25 points

        - Kyle Anderson $4,600: 27.25 points


Power Forward:

        - LaMarcus Aldridge $8,100: 21.50 points

        - Wesley Johnson $3,800: 33.75 points



        - Hassan Whiteside $8,600: 23.50 points

        - Marc Gasol $8,300: 34.50 points



Top Plays for Friday, November 24th:



Point Guard:


        - Goran Dragic $6,700: Gragic and his Heat teammates get a juicy match up against the Timberwolves tonight. The Heat are playing up in pace and Gragic gets a great individual match up with Jeff Teague. Gragic has been consistent lately and his minutes have been locked in. Tonight he is a great tournament play at this price. 


        - Mario Chalmers $5,300: Chalmers has been playing great lately, filling in for the injured Mike Conley. He has been locked into starters minutes and has been producing fantasy points for us. He gets a great match up with a Denver team that is struggling to play defense. 



Shooting Guard:


        - Tim Hardaway Jr. $6,600: Hardaway Jr. visits his former team for the first time all season. THJ is coming off a monster game and his price only went up $100. This is an elite spot, playing up in pace against the Hawks. This is still a discounted price-tag for Hardaway so buy-in while you can as he has room for tremendous upside at this price. 


        - Jeremy Lamb $5,100: Batum is questionable for tonight's contest and if he misses this game, it is an elite spot for Jeremy Lamb. Lamb is a lock and load into my lineups if Batum is ruled out, but even if Batum is active he should be limited and Lamb has been great off the bench. Lamb fills up the stat sheet and has room for upside regardless if Batum plays or not. 


        - Bojan Bogdanovic $4,500: Bojan has been very under the radar in the Pacers previous games and has been brilliant. He's locked into starters minutes and gets a great match up with Raptors small forwards. Bojan doesn't need to do much to hit value and his price not only provides for upside but it is also gives you much-needed cap relief when building lineups. 



Small Forward:


        - T.J. Warren $6,600: T.J. Warren has quietly become the best player on the Phoenix Suns to roster. Usually it is Devin Booker, but Warren's recent play and current price tag makes him my favorite Sun to roster on the slate. The Suns face a tough challenge going against Boogie and The Brow so Warren will need to play well for the Suns to keep the game close. The Pelicans also struggle to defend the small forward position, great spot for Warren tonight. 


        - Justin Holiday $5,600: If you want exposure to the last game of the night, Justin Holiday would be my top pick. At this price and the pace of this game, even if it ends up being a blow out Holiday won't be the reason you do not cash. Holiday is locked into huge minutes and fills up the stat sheet. Great spot for Holiday in tournaments. 



Power Forward:


        - Anthony Davis $10,700: This Suns/Pelicans game currently has the highest over/under of the night at 229.5 so you will want exposure to this game. If the Suns can keep this game close, Anthony Davis is in an elite spot to crush value. The Suns will have their hands full with Davis and Cousins and don't really have the personnel to match up with the both of them. Blowout potential makes this a risky pick, but Davis could be key to glory tonight.  


        - John Collins $4,800: John Collins is now starting for the injury ridden Atlanta Hawks front-line. Collins will get minutes because he should be the primary defender on Kristaps Porzingis. Collins has the talent to produce and crush value, but he will need to stay out of foul trouble. 





        - Dwight Howard $7,000: Dwight Howard has quietly been having a strong start to this season. Howard gets a great match up against the Cavaliers and Kevin Love. Since Howard struggled in the Hornets last game against the Cavs, Howard should get over looked on the slate. Love will struggle to contain Howard on the low-block and at this price Howard has the opportunity to be one of the top scoring big men on the slate. 


        - Steven Adams $5,200: Adams get a juicy match up against Andre Drummond tonight. Adams should be locked into major minutes trying to contain Drummond and the Pistions. You can attack Drummond defense and Adams will be able to hold his own on the glass against Drummond and his size. Sneaky pivot at a great price for the slate tonight. 



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