Results from Friday, November 17th:


Point Guard:

        - Dennis Smith Jr. $6,000: 20.75 points

        - Fred VanVleet $3,000: 14 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Austin Rivers $5,600: 25.25 points

        - Jordan Clarkson $5,100: 9 points


Small Forward:

        - Devin Booker $7,800: 43.75 points

        - Rodney Hood $5,400: 21.25 points


Power Forward:

        - Blake Griffin $8,800: 53.50 points

        - Tobias Harris $6,400: 28.75 points



        - Karl-Anthony Towns $9,400: 34.75 points

        - Nikola Jokic $8,100: 38.75 points



Top Plays for Monday, November 20th:



Point Guard:


        - Kemba Walker $7,900: Kemba Walker's play has been outstanding as of late. Batum's return from injury seems to have helped Kemba because it adds another capable passer to the offense. This game features one of the highest over/unders on tonight's slate so we will want exposure to pieces of this game. Kemba also gets the tasty match up against Jeff Teague and all love to attack Teague defense. 


        - Eric Bledsoe $6,500: Recency bias! Bledsoe put up a dud in his last outing because he got into foul trouble. For all those people that only look at box-scores they will overlook Bledsoe on tonight's slate. If Wall plays, that will not scare me from using Bledsoe. If Wall doesn't play, I love this match up against Tim Frazier. This is a great bounce back spot for Bledsoe and the Bucks have already ruled out guards Mirza Teletovic and Matthew Dellavedova so I expect huge minutes for Bledsoe if he can stay out of foul trouble. 


        - Dennis Schroder $6,300: This is a very fair price for someone that leads the team in usage rate. Schroder has finally showed his upside potential and I look for it continue tonight against the Spurs. Coach Bud always gives a little extra effort when coaching against his former team so hopefully this game stays close for Schroder. You can attack the Spurs at the guard position, so this is a sneaky spot for Schroder to smash. 



Shooting Guard:


        - Victor Oladipo $7,600: Oladipo is in a great spot playing up in pace against the Magic. We can attack the Magic at virtually every position so give me the guy that leads the team in usage rate. Oladipo is a lock for 30 minutes a game and has looked good this season for the Pacers. He also fills up the stat sheet with steals and rebounds. Elite spot for him tonight. 


        - Donovan Mitchell $6,800: This Jazz/Sixers game will be a fun one to watch tonight. the Sixers currently play at the 4th quickest pace in the league so the Jazz will have an opportunity for many extra possessions. Mitchell isn't afraid to shoot and that bodes well for us in fantasy. We can attack Sixers guards and they will have no one that matches up well against Mitchell. This price still offers room for upside. 



Small Forward:


        - Andrew Wiggins $6,500: It is kind of crazy to me that Wiggins is priced so low nowadays. I get it, the addition of Jimmy Butler has limited his usage a bit but that doesn't really bother me. At this price Wiggins is virtually a lock for 30 DK points with the ability to put up over 50. Since Butler has been playing well lately, I expect the Hornets to put Batum on Butler. This will leave plenty of room for Wiggins to operate and smash value. 


        - Wesley Johnson $3,900: On this a large slate with a ton of studs in great spots it is tough to find some great value. Wes Johnson has been playing well since Gallinari has gone down. Even with the expected return of Patrick Beverley I would not stray away from Johnson, it merely is a slight down grade to the guards like Austin Rivers and Lou Williams. Johnson fills up the stat sheet and is one of my favorite value plays for tonight. 



Power Forward:


        - Kristaps Porzingis $8,700: Another one of my favorite recency bias plays on the slate! Porzingis got humbled as he struggled in the Knicks previous game against the Raptors. Erase that game from your memory and look at how his price has dropped $300 since that performance. The Clippers will have no answer for Porzingis and I expect him to come out hungry and bounce back in a huge way, This Knicks/Clippers game will be a sneaky game to stack tonight. 


        - Kevin Love $7,400: Love's transition to the center position hasn't exactly been the smoothest. Except for tonight, he will get a juicy match up against Andre Drummond. Drummond has been a beast this year but has struggled on the defensive end. He will struggle to contain Love on the perimeter as Love should be able to feast at the three point line. If Love is able to box-out Drummond and rack up some boards this will be a sneaky good spot for him.





        - Anthony Davis $9,800: The Tinman himself has fallen below $10K on DraftKings. Davis had a couple rough outings lately and this price screams upside. If you roster The Brow tonight just say a little prayer to make sure he doesn't get injured because if he gets his usual minutes tonight against the Thunder he will dominate. Adams will be busy trying to contain Cousins, so are you going to tell me that Paul George or Melo will be able to guard Davis? The Brow is a lock and load for me at this price, but it comes with a huge risk.


        - Nikola Jokic $9,100: Another recency bias play for tonight! He got ejected in Sunday night's game against the Lakers for reasons we are still trying to figure out. He has a very elite match up tonight against the Kings, who struggle mightily to guard opposing centers. Jokic and the entire Nuggets team should out motivated after their embarrassing blow-out loss to the Lakers. Paul Millsap also sprained his wrist last night so he could be limited or even out against the Kings tonight. 


        - Myles Turner $6,800: Turner has the skill set and opportunity to be the highest-scoring center on the slate. His monster performance yesterday against the Heat will get overlooked because that game wasn't featured on the main slate of either sites. Turner gets an even better match up tonight playing up in pace against Vucevic and the Magic. He is a sneaky pivot off of the higher priced centers and should get overlooked on this slate. 



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