Fluck's Cream of the Flock


1.  John Wall 9.7k- I usually don't suggest players vs Miami, due to the fact their defense is so good. With that said, these two teams met up just two days ago, and Wall had a terrific performance. He ended with 48.8 fdp in 38 minutes of play.  Like I mentioned Miami has a great defense, ranking 4th in DvP vs opposing point guards, making Wall more of GPP play for me today. When rostering Wall, you will be wanting to get around 45-52 fdp from to be of any value to you.

2. Damian Lillard 9.5k- Dame gets a juicy match up here against a terrible Kings team. The kings rank 22 in DvP, and pretty much cant do anything good on the court. Dame should be able to have his way with them tonight, but a concern for me here would be the blowout factor. The spread is only -7 right now, so, if the Kings mange to keep this thing close, Lillard could be in for a nice game. To be of any value to you tonight you will be wanting to see around 43-48 fdp from him. Dame is more of a GPP option for me tonight.

3. Lonzo Ball 7.4k- Lonzo’s price tag hasn't really moved much still hovering around that 7k range. Today he gets a great matchup, against the Suns, who rank 2nd in pace. Lonzo had one of his best games of the year vs the Suns in their first meeting putting up 55 fdp, but he also put up a dud in their previous match up vs the them amassing only 22.5 fdp. Lonzo was embarrassed by Embiid and the Sixers crew in their last game, so I am hoping for a bounce back game vs a terrible Suns team. When rostering him today, you will be looking to get 36-40 fdp from him to be of any value to you.

4. Goran Dragic 6.7k- Goran gets a good match up here vs a Wizards team that ranks 21st in DvP. These two teams just met up two days ago, so we can get an idea of what to expect here. Goran played 37 minutes, and underperformed a tad only putting up 28 fdp. At this current price tag I still think it more than fair for a guy who has shown a safe floor to start the year. He is averaging roughly 1 fdp per minute and playing about 34 of them. You will be wanting to see around 32-36 fdp from Goran to be of any value to you tonight. He has a safe enough floor for cash games, but can be an interesting low owned GPP play as well.

5. Jeff Teague 6.7k- I love rostering Wolves players, because you know they are going to get the minutes. Thibs will run his starters until the wheels fall off the wagon. Today Teague gets a favorable match up vs Dallas who rank 29th in DvP vs opposing point guards. Teague has been averaging around 1 fdp per minute and playing around 33 minutes per game. He has been over 25 fdp in his last 6 games including 44 and a 39 fdp games in that span. I like Tegaue for cash games and GPPs today. For him to be of any value to you, you will be wanting to get 32-37 fdp tonight.  

6. Tyler Johnson 4.6k- Going back to the Tyler Johnson well here. I wrote him up the other day as a nice cheap GPP plug, and he performed decent, putting up 23 fdp in 31 minutes of action. Today he gets the exact same match up, so we kind of know what to expect here. Tyler has been over 20 fdp in his last 3 and should see around the same playing time tonight. The Wiz rank 21st in DvP, so he shouldn't have any problem scoring, which is what he mostly does of the second unit. Look to get 22-25 fdp from him tonight to be of any value to you.

7. Raul Neto 4k- The first of many Jazz players I will be mentioning today. We got some early news that Rubio will be out today, so a lot of value will be opening up. Neto is my deep reacher here. We still don have nay idea on starters from Quin and probably won until later. So just stick Neto in your back pocket and remember he's there. He gets a juicy matchup vs the Nets who rank in the top of the league in pace and points allowed. Neto has been hovering around 10 minutes a game with Rubio in. Today he could see a bump to around 16-20 minutes, and at 4k doesn't need much to hit value. When rostering him tonight, you will be looking to get 20-22 fdp to be of value to you. GPP only!!


1. Demar Derozan 8k- Demar gets another juicy matchup today vs a Knicks team who ranks 25th in DvP vs opposing shooting guards. Derozan has had two 40 or more fdp games in his last three. Dear is averaging over 1.05 fop per minute while playing an average of 35 minutes a game. Ti game has a projected point total of 218, and I expect Demar to be contributing heavily to that total. You will be looking got get 40-46 fdp from Demar tonight to be of any value to you. Fire him up across all formats! 

2.Bradley Beal 7.7k- Beal has been excellent this season and gets a matchup here adjacent the Heat, who he just played last game. In that game Beal went for 40 fdp and played 39 minutes, so he was at about 1 fdp per minute. Miami ranks 27th in DvP vs opposing Sg, which is surprising considering they are overall a great defending team. They have multiple wing players who could shut him down at any time, making him more of a GPP play for me tonight. When rostering Beal, you will be wanting got get 35-40 fdp for him to be of any value to you.

3. Donovan Mitchell 6.4k- I keep writing this man up for a reason. He is a very aggressive player who loves to jack up shots. Today, he may be my favorite SG, let me tell you why. The matchup against the Nets cant be any better as they are ranked in the top in pace and allow a lot of scoring. Also, with the news of Rubio being out tonight we might see him play a lot of PG, which will increase his usage by a good bit. His price is still very fair and I could see a big performance from him today. You will be wanting 32-36 fdp from Mitchell tonight to be of any value to you. Which I think is more than achievable today, fire him up across all formats!

 4. Devin Booker 7.6k- We love Booker this season. He has been taking 20 shots a game and handles the ball a lot. Both of these teams are ranked top in pace, so the ball handlers will see plenty of touches. In the previous two match ups Booker dropped 50 and 40 fdp, crushing value along the way. I like Booker for all formats today and will more than likely have plenty of him.

5. Nic Batum 6.5k- We just saw Nic come back for the first game since injuring his elbow. He was suppose to be on a minutes limit of around 20, but ended up playing 32 minutes. Batum  dropped 33 fdp on a defenseless Cavs team. Today he gets another good matchup vs the Bulls. I cant project Batum for over 30 minutes because I just do not know how they are treating this elbow of his. It was a good sign that he played over 30 last game injury and pain free. With his minutes still up in the air, Nic makes for a decent GPP option at 6.5k. You will be looking to get about 33-37 fdp from him, to of any value to you.  

6. Rodney Hood 5.7k- Another Jazz player I know, but there is just so much value here with Rubio and Gobert listed as out, and now Thabo questionable. There is going to be a lot of usage to be picked dup by some of these guys. This game against the Nets should be up in pace a tad, and Hood has been playing great lately, including a fresh 42 fdp in his last game. Hoo dis very injury prone and streaky at times with his shot, making him more of a GPP play for me still. With that said, you could still use him in cash games at this price tag and all the injury news. Hood will need  to get 27-32 fdp to be of any value today. 

7. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 5.3k- Pope has been very solid this year for the Lakers, today he gets a great matchup vs the Suns. This is the third time these teams have met, so we already have a feel for how the game will flow. In his previous meeting Pope had 33 fdp in 34 minutes of playing time. That is roughly a point per minute, and this game is going to be up in pace, as both teams rank in the top 5 in that category. Pope will need to get you about 26-30 fdp to hot value for you tonight. Fire him across all formats.

8. Jordan Clarkson 5.1k- Clarkson has been on fire in his last two games, amassing over 35 fdp both times including a 40 fdp game. This sam is going to be up in pace as I have already mentioned previously. At this price tag, Clarkson will need to get you around 25-28 fdp to be of any value to you. Fire him in cash and GPPs.


1. Lebron James 11.4k- Hes pretty pricey but has been worth it. Rose got ruled out again today, so we will most likely see point Bron again. He gets a great match up vs a Clippers team who ranks 30th in DvP vs opposing small forwards. Lebron has played a league high in minutes this season and averaging  1.3 fdp per minute. If you can fit Bron in your line ups today, you will be looking to get 55-60 fdp from him to be of any value. Fire him up across all formats!

2. Tj Warren 7.5k- Warren has emerged as the Suns second option behind Booker. Like I have said this game is going to be juicy. Warren dropped 39 and 42 fdp in their previous meetings. Warren will need 36-40 fdp to hit value for you tonight. I can see using him in all formats. 

3. Brandon Ingram 6.2k- I think that this is a great price for him tonight. The Suns rank 27th in DvP and second in pace, which should benefit Ingram. In there last two match ups vs the Suns he put up 14 and 32 fdp. Tonight you will be looking got get 32-35 from him to be of any value to you. He is more of GPP option for me.

4. Joe Ingles 5.5k- Another damn Jazz player, I know. For all the reasons I mentioned worth he other Jazz guys, you can apply here as well. They are just going to be very thin today, and with Thabo now listed questionable, Ingles could see a bump. The Nets rank 28th DvP and the pace should deb decent in this one. At this price tag, you will be looking for 25-28 fdp. Ingles is more of a mid tier GPP play for me. 


1. Anthony Davis 11k- Anthony Davis 11k, yes please. He gets a great match up vs the Nuggets who rank 29th in DvP vs power forwards. At this price you will be wanting about 55-58 fdp from him to be of any value. Which he could get in just blocks and steals alone (lol). Averaging 1.4 fdp per minute and seeing around 36 minutes a game, you will be wanting some AD tonight. Fire him across the board!

2. Kristaps Porzingis 9k- Porzingis is having himself a great season. Today he gets a juicy match up vs a Raptors team who just cant defend power forwards, ranking 27th in DvP. Now, with Ibaka possibly out tonight, they really have no on who can guard him. At that price tag, you will be wanting to get around 45-50 fdp for any kind of value form him. Fire him up in all formats.

3. Tobias Harris 6.7k- Tobias has been a well of scoring for the Pistons this season. The Pistons have played the Pacers earlier this season and Tobias put up 36 fdp. The Pacers rank 30th in DvP vs small forwards and Tobais is another spot to contribute nicely. At this current price tag look to get around 34-38 fdp to feel goo about rostering him today. He is more of a GPP play for me today. 

4. Derrick Favors 6.5k- Jazz Jazz Jazz and more Jazz. We have seen favors step up nicely in the absence of Gobert. Today he will have to shoulder the load again, especially with Rubio out. Brooklyn ranks 24th in DvP vs power forwards, and Favors should be able to feast against a team in which he already dropped 46.4 fdp on them 3 games ago. Fire him up across all formats!

5. Taj Gibson 4.9k- Taj has been my go to value play at power forward lately. Thibs loves to run his starters into dust. Today, Taj gets a juicy match up vs a Dallas team who cant rebound and rank 25th in DvP vs power forwards. At this price you will want to get about 24-27 fdp for him to be of any value. Ill be having my share of Taj in all formats tonight.


1.Karl Anthony Towns 9.9k- Towns gets a great matchup here vs Dallas, whom he put up 52 fdp against in their last match up. Dallas ranks 17th in DvP vs centers and cant rebound worth a damn. I can see Towns having another massive game here. When rostering Towns look get 47-52 fdp to be of value to your line ups. Fire him up across all formats tonight.

2. Andre Drummond 9.1k-  Drummond gets a Pacers team that ranks 28th in DvP. When these two teams previously met, he dropped 44 fdp and had a nice game on the boards. He is averaging a little over 1.2 fdp per minute and playing about 31 of them. At this price tag you will be looking to get 45-48 fdp to feel good about using him tonight. He's more of a high tier GPP play for m tonight.

3. Jusuf Nurkic 7.7k- This match up coldnt get any better for him tonight. The kings are just awful and rank 30th in DvP against opposing centers. We just watched the Kings surrender 50 fdp to Dwayne Dedmon at HALFTIME!!!! Not saying that Nurk will do that, but he is certainly capable of smashing the Kings with that  7’2 frame of his. You'll want 36-40 fdp from him to hit value tonight. I could see using him in cash and GPPs today.

4. Greg Monroe 3.7k- Greg got his first start for the Suns last night and absolutely crushed. Tyson is suppose to be out again tonight, making him a very appealing, dirt cheap play. I think a lot of people will be going this route tonight making him pretty chalky and rightfully so after that 40 ball performance. Today he gets a Lakers team surrenders a lot of points and plays up in pace. Now with his high projected ownership, he makes for a good tournament fade. I wouldn't be surprised to see Triano pull some weird stuff, and play Len heavy minutes tonight or even go small with Chriss. With that said both of those guy sI just mentioned make for a great tourney play as well. At Gregs current price he wont need very much minutes to hit value. So, 18-22 fdp is what you would be looking to get form him to be of any value. He is safe for all formats. 

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