Fluck’s Cream of the Flock

Point Guard

1. Russell Westbrook 10.3k- The matchup for Westbrook tonight couldn't get any juicer. His price keeps slightly dropping, but this is because he hasn't had to shoulder the workload he had to last season. Westbrook is still very capable of putting up those 60 fdp games. These two teams met up previously in the year and Westbrook ended with a triple double and 51 fdp. With that said, tonight he gets a terrible Bulls team again, that is ranked 30th in DvP vs the point guard spot. Carmelo Anthony is still a GTD, if he sits, I like Westbrook a tad more . Something to consider here is the blowout potential. The Bulls are without one of their top scorers in Justin Holiday, making this games a little scary. When rostering Westbrook, you will be looking to get 50-58 fdp to be of any value to you today. Fire him up across all formats, GPP and cash games. 

2. Damian Lilliard 9.5k- Dame has been terrific this year. Today he gets a paced up matchup against the Magic, who are top ten in pace. Dame disappointed in his previous two games, but I see a bounce back here in a close game, that has a decent projected point total at 211. Dame is more of a GPP play for me tonight, with other options on the board that are cheaper. If you are rostering Dame tonight you will be wanting about 48-50 out of him to be of any value to you.  

3. Kemba Walker 7.8k- Kemba is my favorite PG play of the day. He gets a Cavs team that has been absolutely destroyed by PGs and SGs. The Cavs are currently ranked 26th in DvP vs point guards. The projected point total here is 219, so there is going to be a good bit of scoring here. Something to note as well is, Kemba is playing at home, where he averages more fdp than he does on the road. Also, Batum is back today, which may hurt Kemba’s production some but not much, because Batum will have his minutes monitored. Averaging over 1 fantasy point per minute, playing at home against a terrible defensive Cavs team, in a high projected point total, fire him up across the board! When rostering Kemba today, look to be get 43-46 fdp from him, to get that kick you need in your line ups. 

4. Dennis Schroder 7k- He is pretty much the whole offense for the Hawks this season. He has a great usage rate of 30 percent. Today he gets a great matchup vs the Kings who rank 20th in DvP. Schroder’s shot hasn't been falling for him the past couple game but he is still chucking up shots, and we love a player who keeps chucking. At his current price tag, I think he makes for a great mid tier option today. He is slightly more of a GPP play for me but I think he is safe enough for cash games as well. When rostering Schroder today, you will be wanting to get around 35-38 fdp, to really feel good about rostering him. 

5. Lonzo Ball 7.3k- We finally saw his celling a few games ago, when he dropped a whopping 66.9 fdp. The kid fills up the stat sheet, and thats what we love to see in DFS. Today he gets a matchup vs a Sixers team who is ranked 21st in DvP vs opposing point guards.  Both of these teams rank top 5 in pace, so this game is going to have a lot of extra possessions for the ball handlers, something we also love in DFS.  At his current 7.3k tag, I think he is still at a fair price. You are going to want some of this game, why not get one of the primary ball handlers? With a potential of a triple double, Lonzo makes for a great GPP play today. Look to get around 36-40 fdp from Lonzo to be of any value in your line ups. 

6.  Ricky Rubio 7k- I know, I know, some of y'all are still hurting from that “revenge game” Rubio was suppose to have agains the Wolves. A game in which he put up his biggest dud of the season, 2 fdp!!!!!! In 22 minutes!!! With DFS though, we need to keep a short memory, or we miss out on potential goo plays. A lot of game log watchers and people who played Rubio may still be butt hurt over that last performance, but today he gets a good match up vs the Knicks. The Knicks currently rank 17th in DvP vs opposing point guards. With Gobert most likely out again, Rubio needs to step the scoring up a little bit. Also, Utah plays at a better pace without Gobert, so that is something to play attention to as well. Look to get 35-38 fdp from Rubio today to be of any value to you. 

7. TJ McConnell 5.1k- I keep writing this man up for a reason. His price hasn't fluctuated much and is still seeing plenty of playing time. Averaging around 27 minutes a game, he makes for a great lower mid tier play today. On top of that his matchup today is great. He gets a game that is up in pace, against a Lakers team that ranks 25th in DvP. This game has a very high projected point total at 221, so you are going to want a piece of it. I could see TJ getting his hands on a few loos balls in this one. I could see Tj being somewhat chalky today in cash games. You will be wanting to get about 22-26 fdp from him to be of value to you tonight. You can play him in all formats tonight. 

8.  Tyler Johnson 4.6k- If you are looking for a pivot from TJ, this may be your guy. He has been rather streaky this season and fighting to find his shot, but he is coming off two performances of 20 or more fdp, while playing over 30 minutes in both of them. Today his matchup with the Wizards is a pretty good one, with the Wiz ranked 19th in DvP. The second unit relies on Tyler to do much of the scoring, and with game that has a project point total of 210 I think he makes for a viable GPP value play. He has a low floor but also can put up that 7x or even 8x value for you on any given night. When rostering Tyler,  you will be wanting 22-25 fdp to feel good about using a roster spot on him.. GPP only! 

Shooting Guard

1.  Demar Derozan 7.7k-  Demar is your most expensive shooting guard on the board tonight, and rightfully so. Demar is averaging a whopping 31 percent usage rate on the season. A side note, Norman Powell may be out again tonight, which gives Demar a nice usage bump as well. With Powell out Demar’s usage rate is around 40!!!!!! Along with that usage rate he gets a pretty good match up here as well, vs the Pelicans. The Pelicans rank 22nd in DvP vs shooting guards. The two teams previously met just a week ago, and Demar put up a 48 fdp game. The raptors are coming off a tough game yesterday, so that may be something to note as well. When rostering Demar tonight, look to get 42-46 fdp to have some value for your line ups. Fire em up in all formats. 

2. Tyreke Evans 6.8k- Tyreke is one of my favorite shooting guards today. Let me tell you why, Conley is Questionable, and missed shoot around this morning. With that said, I think he sits this one out tonight. Making Tyreke that much better of a play. He has played over 30 minutes in his last 7 games and has been averaging over 1 fdp per minute. Today he gets a matchup vs the Pacers who rank 9th in pace and 14th in DvP. Pay attention to twitter for injury news, and if Conley is out, lock him in! He is more of a GPP play with Conley playing, but if he is out, he is safe for all formats. You will be wanting 32-36 fdp to feel good about rostering him tonight. 

3. Donovan Mitchell 6.2k- If you have watched this rookie play, you know he is going  to jack shots up till his arm falls off. He may be Utah’s best scorer right now. Like I mentioned with Rubio, Gobert out gives these guards a slight bump to their offensive game. Today he gets a matchup vs the Knicks who rank 17th in DvP vs shooting guards. I expect him to keep jackin up shots tonight and should find success doing so against a poor Knicks team. When rostering Mitchell today, you will be wanting 32-35 fdp to get any value out of him. Fire him up in GPPs and cash games.  

4. Jordan Clarkson 4.2k- I think he is just a little too cheap at this price tag. Especially in this match up against the Sixers. If you are looking for some value relief, he may be your guy. Averaging 28 minutes a game and around 0.8 fdp per minute. The Sixers rank 30th in DvP and both teams are ranked top 5 in pace. When rostering Clarkson, you will be wanting to get 23-25 fdp from him to have any value in you line ups. He is more of a GPP option for me tonight, but one of the better value son the board!

Small Forward

1. LeBron James 11.3k- I love some Lebron tonight. I think he could end up being gone of the highest scorers on the slate tonight. He gets a great match up vs the Hornets, who rank 29th in DvP vs small forwards. The project point total of this game is pretty high at 219, so this is a good game to target tonight. LeBron’s ankle doesn't seem to be bothering him, as he is leading the league in minutes played at about 38 per game. Along with those large minute totals, he is averaging 1.3 fdp per minute. I don't think the Hornets have anyone that can guard him or even slow him down tonight. Fire up Lebron across all formats, and look to get 53-58 fdp to hit value for you. 

2. Jimmy Butler 7.6k- Jimmy Butler has been a man of his word. He stated not long ago that he vowed to score more, and thats exactly what he's been doing. He has posted over 40 fdp in his last two games. Tonight he gets a matchup vs the Spurs who without Leonard, rank 26th in DvP vs small forwards. The Spurs are also coming off a game yesterday vs Dallas, so may be a little on the tired side. At his current price tag I think he is a great GPP option tonight. You know Thibs loves to ride his starters tons of minutes, which we love as DFS players. When rostering Butler tonight, you will be wanting to get 38-43 fdp to get a good ROI.   

3. Robert Covington 6.8k- He is creeping up in price, but is still under 7k, and in a great spot tonight. Like I have mentioned previously, you will be wanting a piece of this game. The pace is going to be fast and there will be tons of scoring. The Lakers rank 15th in DvP vs small forwards. Covington is a guy who can get you a lot of peripheral stats and is his shot is falling, can have 50 fdp upside. He is a guy that is streaky, making more of a GPP option for me. Look to get 33-38 fdp out of Covington to give you that punch you need in your line ups.  

4. OG Anunoby 3.2k- With Powell out, we saw OG play a season high 30 minutes at min price yesterday and put up 22 fdp. Today they play the Pelican who rank 18th in DvP vs small forwards. This play totally depends on Powell being out so keep checking for injury news before rostering him. You'll need 16-20 out of him to be of any value to you tonight. He is a GPP play only for me. 

Power Forward

1. Ben Simmons 9.8k- Another guy from this game. Ben has ben stellar all year, and can fill up the stat sheet. This game as I have mentioned above, is going to be a fast one, which means more possessions for the ball handlers and Ben handles the ball quite a bit. The lakers rank 15th in DvP vs small forwards. Ben is averaging around 1.27 fdp game and playing around 35 minutes. I think he is safe for all formats tonight, and when rostering him you will be wanting to get around 46-50 fdp to be of any value. 

2. Kristaps Porzingis 9.3k- I usually don't like rostering people vs Utah, because they play so slow, but today with Gobert out, they play a little faster in pace. Without their rim protector, they are forced to go smaller, and Porzingis should be able to take advantage of that tonight. The Jazz just don't have anyone to guard him. Also, the Jazz rank 22nd in DvP vs Pfs. I really like him tonight as a GPP option. You’ll be wanting to get around 45-50 fdp from him tonight, to be of any value to you. 

3. Derrick Favors 6k- With the recent absence of Rudy Gobert, Favors has stepped up his game. Hence the raise in his salary. He has put up 26 and 46 fdp in his last two. Utah should has been using him at the center spot lately. Today he plays a Knicks team who actually play pretty slow in pace, but rank near the bottom vs centers in DvP. At this price tag, he is more of a GPP play for me, as I like some guys who are a tad cheaper. For Favors to have any value tonight, you will be wanting 30-35 fdp from him. 

4. Taj Gibson 4.8k- Dieng has been out with an injury, and Gibsons minutes have seen a slight bump. Playing 37 and 40 minutes in his last two games, while providing over 30 fdp in both of them. This rides his starters and in a tuff matchup tonight Taj could be in for another heavy workload today vs a Spurs team who ranks 9th in DvP. Taj is a solid cheap GPP plug for me this evening. You will be looking to get 24-26 fdp from him tonight to be of value to you. 

5. Dario Saric 4.5k- Dario has been a well of value for me early on in this season, and today he gets a great matchup against the Lakers. The Lakers currently rank 17th in DvP vs opposing power forwards. He has been averaging over 25 minutes a game and put up 25 fdp in 3 of his last 4 games. With Simmons and Embiid taking most of the usage, Saric is more of a GPP play for me on this slate. Saric needs around 23-26 fdp to be of any value to you tonight. 


1. Joel Embiid 9.7k- Embiid has been trolling the Lakers and the Ball family for months now. So, there is a little narrative action here in this one. This game is going to have a lot of scoring, and I expect Embiid to be heavily involved in contributing in the point category. The Lakers actually rank 11th in DvP vs centers but I don't think they have any one who can stop The Process. Embiid needs about 46-52 fdp for value tonight, and I think that is more than achievable against this Lakers team. Fire him up across all formats. 

2. Andre Drummond 9.4k- Drummond has been a rebounding beast, and gets a good matchup against a Bucks team that ranks 21st vs opposing centers. The Bucks cant rebound at all, so expect a big boards day for Drummond tonight. You'll be wanting to get about 45-50 fdp from him tonight to be of any value to you. Fire him up across the board, and in all formats.  

3. Kevin Love 7.2k- He put up a terrible stinker against the Knicks in his last game, so I am hoping to get some recency biased here. He gets a Hornets team that ranks 16th in DvP, but also have a rebounding beast in Dwight Howard. With that said Loves rebounds could take a slight dip here, but i expect a bounce back game after getting benched in his last one. He is still at a fair price at 7.2k, and you will be looking to get 35-38 fdp from Love to feel good about rostering him. He is more of a GPP play for me tonight. 

4. Jonas Valanciunas 5.3k- This is my cheap center play today. He gets a solid matchup vs the Pelicans who rank 25th in DvP vs centers. The two teams met up about a week ago, so we can get an idea of how Casey will use Val against Boogie. He played Val 27 minutes and we saw Val put up 28 fdp. Im expecting to see a similar performance tonight from the big man, making him a solid cheap GPP play for me today at the center position.

Good luck! Have Fun!

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