Easy Money With Esmond

Results from 11/13/17 picks:

Point Guard
        - Ben Simmons $8,500: 46 points
        - Jrue Holiday $6,800: 30.25 points

Shooting Guard
        - Tim Hardaway Jr. $6,200: 56 points
        - Kenatavious Caldwell-Pope $4,500: 35.75 points

Small Forward
        - Evan Fournier $6,400: 26.50 points
        - Kent Bazemore $5,000: 44.50 points

Power Forward
        - Blake Griffin $8,700: 45 points
        - Derrick Favors $4,600: 25 points

        - Marc Gasol $7,200: 37.50 points
        - Yusuf Nurkic $7,100: 23.25 points


Top Plays for Tonight:

Point Guard

        - Kemba Walker $7,400: Kemba gets a tasty match up with the Cavs tonight. Even with Batum's expected return on limited minutes that should only help Kemba as it adds another great passer to the team. We love to attack the Cavs at every position and Kemba is really the only Hornet I fully trust in tonight's game. Elite spot for Walker to smash value. 

        - Darren Collison $5,500: Collison is a risky pick for sure, but I am not afraid to attack Memphis point guards. If Conley is active he will likely be limited and he hasn't even really played well this season to begin with. If Conley is out, Chalmers is not someone I would shy away from attacking. This price offers room for upside and he is still the starter that receives a lot of minutes. His ownership will be low, but these are the risks we need to take to win a tournament. 

Shooting Guard

        - Tyreke Evans $6,600: Recent reports have said Mike Conley skipped morning shoot around and it appears that he will miss tonight's contest against the Pacers. Teams typically play it safe when it comes to achilles related injuries so my best guess is that Conley is out. Even if Conley were to play, this match up is perfect for Tyreke playing way up in pace against the Pacers. Tyreke has been fantastic for the Grizzles and has been logging heavy minutes. Great spot to unleash some Evans tonight. 

        - Evan Fournier $6,400: The Magic appear to be taking the cautious route when it comes to getting Elfrid Payton back up to speed. This bodes well for the likes of Fournier. Fournier has been letting people down lately, but I am still a firm believer in his talent. We love to attack Portland guards and recency bias is definitely in play as he should go overlooked. Good spot for Fournier to bounce back in a big way.  

Small Forward

        - Brandon Ingram $5,600: You don't need me to tell you that you will need exposure to the Sixers/Lakers late game hammer tonight. It will feature two hungry teams that play at a very fast pace. It is always tough to roster Lakers because you never know what coach Walton will do with his rotation, but Ingram is one of the few that he trusts. This is a delicious price for someone that is a lock for over 30 minutes in an up tempo game. 

        - Buddy Hield $5,100: Hield has been overlooked in DFS all season and for the most part it has been warranted since he started off the season so poorly. This Hawks/Kings game will likely get faded by most tonight, so that puts Buddy in a great spot for me. The Kings are playing way up in pace and the Hawks give up the most fantasy points to wing guards in the league. Hield has a 27% usage rate and is a fantasy point per minute player, he is a sneaky great tournament play tonight.  

Power Forward

        - Kristaps Porzingis $8,900: His price has dropped $700 since the Knicks last game against the Cavs. On paper, this match up against the Jazz doesn't seem very favorable. The Jazz big men are tough to attack and they play at a slow pace. However, now that is not the case since Rudy Gobert and Joe Johnson are out with injury. Favors is too slow to guard Porzingis and Jerebko and Thabo are too small. Elite spot for Porzingis as he can fly under the radar in tonight's 11 game slate. 

        - Markieff Morris $4,700: One of my favorite sneaky-ninja plays of this slate. In the Wizard's previous game against the Kings there were reports that Markieff could play around 26-28 minutes. He only played 20, but that was because the Wizards blew the Kings right out of the building. Morris will go low owned, but with more days to recover and get his conditioning back I expect that he gets closer to 28 minutes tonight as the Heat should keep this game close. The Heat also struggle to guard big men, so this is a great match up for Morris. 


        - Joel Embiid $8,600: I don't need to tell you to Trust The Process tonight, but Embiid is in another tasty match up against the Lakers. As I mentioned with Ingram we will want pieces of this game in our lineups tonight. The Sixers played Embiid for a season-high 36 minutes in their last game against the Clippers. If he plays 30 minutes or more tonight he will smash value. Who will the Lakers use to guard him? Brook Lopez? Andrew Bogut? Or rookie Thomas Bryant? The Process is in an elite spot tonight. 

        - Hassan Whiteside $8,000: Whiteside is a great pivot off of Drummond and Embiid. The Heat are playing at home and up in pace against Washington and Gortat will not be able to keep Whiteside off the glass. Since returning from injury, Whiteside has put up numbers similar to Drummond and is at a way cheaper price tag if you want to spend up at other positions. Great tournament play tonight.

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