Can be used in Cash games or GPP


Point Guard:


Patty Mills (4.5K) - Mills isn’t the most appealing play at point guard, but on this three game slate, if you want to go cheap at PG, he’s probably the best choice. He can fill up the stat sheet and he’s the starter now. He’s averaging only 16.32 Fanduel points, but that’s because he was coming off the bench up until few weeks ago. It’s a risky play.


Shooting Guard:


Manu Ginobili (4.1K) - Ginobili isn’t the same player he once was, but is still capable of having a good game from time to time. He’s well rested so he should get around 25 minutes tonight. Again, on this slate there isn’t much to pick from as far as value plays. He’s only averaging 17.60 Fanduel points.


Small Forward:


PJ Tucker (4.3K) - Tucker is an interesting play here as he is playing his old team in Toronto. Granted, he only played for the Raptors for half a season after being traded there from the Suns. Tucker can fill up the stat sheet by scoring, getting several rebounds, few steals and sometimes will get a block or two. He’s averaging 19.54 Fanduel points.


Power Forward:


Ryan Anderson (4.6K) - Ryan Anderson at this price is probably my favorite value play tonight. If Anderson is shooting the ball well,  he will be worth playing at this price as he is capable of having a monster game. Anderson hasn’t done well lately and that’s why his price went down to under 5K. He won’t do much of anything else but score and rebound. It’s another risky play, but DFS is all about being risky sometimes. He’s averaging 21.81 Fanduel points.



Jonas Valanciunas (5.3K) - Valanciunas is a point per minute machine on any given night if he’s given the minutes. For some reason, Dwane Casey doesn’t like to give him 30 minutes which is mind blowing as he is a good player. He can score and rebound like some of the best centers in the NBA. The Rockets are giving up 40.9 Fanduel points to centers in the last five games. He’s averaging 21.52 Fandueal points so far this season.


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