Results from 10/30/17:


Point Guard:

        Kyrie Irving $8,000 - 44.50 points

        Jrue Holiday $7,100 - 31 points

        Dejounte Murray $5,500 - 23.75 points

Shooting Guard:

        Tim Hardaway Jr. $4,900 - 29 points

        Austin Rivers $4,900 - 16.50 points

        Jonathon Simmons $4,400 - 34 points

Small Forward:

        Kevin Durant $9,800 - 34.25 points

        Andrew Wiggins $6,800 - 35.25 points

        Danilo Gallinari $5,900 - 27.50 points

Power Forward:

        LaMarcus Aldridge $8,500 - 23.75 points

        Kristaps Porzingis $8,400 - 55.25 points

        Aaron Gordon $7,500 - 30.75


        Karl-Anthony Towns $9,000 - 47.50 points

        Clint Capela $6,700 - 38.75 points


Top Tournament plays for DK 10/31/17


Point Guard:


        - Lonzo Ball $7,000: The Lakers are committed to progressing their young talent, specifically Lonzo and Ingram. Ball's minutes have consistently been there all season and nothing should change about that tonight. He is a great play because he constantly fills up that stat sheet with assists and rebounds, he'll even throw play some defense and get you steals and blocks. One night his awkward-looking shot will be falling and he will be the key to taking down a tournament. 


        - Malcolm Brogdon $5,600: I expect Brogdon to get a ton of run tonight as he is the Bucks best chance at containing Westbrook, if that even exists. I love to attack Russ because he saves all his energy for the offensive end. PG and Roberson will be busy trying to guard the Greek Freak so the opportunity will be there for Brogdon. He also fills up the stat sheet with his ability to rebound and defend. 


Shooting Guard:


        - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope $4,800: Revenge game for KCP? All narratives aside, KCP has looked great so far for the young Lake Show. He's locked into major minutes and his last two games have been duds which may keep people away. Anytime a starter, locked into major minutes is priced under $5k they are always worth getting into your lineup. Fire up some KCP! 


        - Stanley Johnson $4,300: The Pistons are playing way up in pace against the Lakers and Johnson seems like he has finally figured it out in the NBA, he just needed some minutes. Johnson has played well during the Pistons West Coast road trip and I expect his heavy playing time to continue. Johnson is the guy the Pistons decided to slide into KCP's former role at shooting guard, so this is his chance to prove the franchise right. 


Small Forward:


        - T.J. Warren $5,200: The Suns/Nets game has the juiciest point total of the slate so you will want pieces of this game. Most will go to Booker or Russell but in games that are up in pace, in my opinion it is the role players that benefit the most. Warren has a current usage rate of 24.1 percent that trails only Booker on the team. I know Warren has let us down at times this season, but I think this is a great spot tonight to produce in a big way. 


        - Bogdan Bogdanovic $4,300: Not to be confused with Bojan on the Pacers, Bogdan is a talented rookie for the Kings. The coaching staff raves about him and his minutes have been consistent so far this season. Playing up in pace against a Pacer team that does not like to play defense Bogdan is a great value play if you want fit Westbrook and/or Giannis into your lineup. 


Power Forward:


        - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $5,500: With recent news that talented rookie Jarrett Allen will be out for tonight's game, that is a positive for RHJ and Booker. In this projected high-scoring game RHJ is my favorite Net to play tonight. There is too much uncertainty going on with their guard rotation and Carroll has a shot to play tonight to add to the already muddy situation they have. If RHJ receives over 30 minutes of playing time and this game stays close, he should smash value. This is more of an issue with the coach and his rotation rather than the actual player.


        - Willie Cauley-Stein $5,400: The Kings are playing way up in pace against Indiana. Turner has already been ruled out and Sabonis has a chance to sit this game out as well. That would leave Big Al Jefferson to try and hold the young WCS in an up-tempo game. I'll take my chances with the younger and more athletic Cauley-Stein. 




        - Andre Drummond $8,200: As I mentioned earlier with his teammate, Stanley Johnson the Pistons are playing way up in pace against the Lakers. Drummond also happens to have a match up with a Center that is allergic to rebounding, Brook Lopez. Drummond has been super reliable this season and even in a tough match up against DeAndre Jordan he manged to put up over 47 DK points. Fire up Drummond, just hope he doesn't fall asleep on the court. 


        - Steven Adams $5,800: While we do not attack Bucks guards and perimeter players, we love to attack their bigs! With Greg Monroe now sidelined for a few weeks, Adams should have his way with the likes of Henson and Maker in the post. Adams has averaged over 30 minutes in every game this season and is in an elite spot tonight. 


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