Results from 10/27/17 picks:


Point Guard:

        John Wall $10,000 - 48 points

        Jeff Teague $6,000 - 38.50 points

        Delon Wright $3,900 - 4.25 points


Shooting Guard:

        Eric Gordon $6,900 - 32 points

        Tim Hardaway Jr. $5,000 - 17.75 points


Small Forward:

        Paul George $7,700 - 41.75 points

        Taurean Prince $5,800 - 35.75 points


Power Forward:

        Kristaps Porzingis $8,500 - 49.75 points

        Frank Kaminsky $5,100 - 15 points



        Nikola Jokic $8,400 - 46.75 points

        Clint Capela $6,500 - 16.50 points


Top DK Tournament plays for tonight:


Point Guard:


        - Kyrie Irving $8,000: Not exactly the ideal spot for Uncle Drew tonight... Spurs guards are tough to attack, the pace of this game will be down, and Smart is playing his usual minutes in the rotation again. Everything is screaming to fade Kyrie, except for his price and his usage. Only four days ago against the Bucks he was $8,700! Did Kyrie get worse in four days? I don't think so, with Hayward out the Celtics need Kyrie to score and play make in order to win games. Great contrarian play, ownership should be low as most will save to fit in some of the stud big men on this slate.


        - Jrue Holiday $7,100: Holiday has had a great stretch of games recently and I look for him to continue that success tonight against the Elf-less Magic. Augustin will not be able to guard Holiday, but even if Jrue is missing shots he has a great floor because he can get easy assists to Davis/Cousins. At this price, there is still solid upside.


        - Dejounte Murray $5,500: Pop loves Murray! If you've been reading my articles you can figure out that my common theme is to attempt to be contrarian and play the ownership game. Murray's last three games were duds due to blowouts. The Spurs have been playing terrible lately and I fully expect Pop to right the ship. Look for the Spurs to put out a better effort tonight and Kyrie defense is an awfully juicy match up for Murray to bounce back. 


Shooting Guard:


        - Tim Hardaway Jr. $4,900: THJ's price stayed the same since yesterday's amazing performance. At this price, the potential upside and a tasty match up against Denver THJ is in another elite spot. His price also allows you to fit other studs in your lineup. Feel free to lock & load.


        -Austin Rivers $4,900: With the Milos injury he is now starting because his Dad loves him! Doc also plays Austin huge minutes. In this up and down game against the Warriors they will need production from Austin to keep the game close. Are you brave enough to fade THJ and hope Rivers outscores him? I think it's possible. 


        - Jonathon Simmons $4,400: Be on the lookout for injury news and check for Jonathan Isaac (currently listed as questionable). The Magic have been committed to playing their 1st round pick and he's taken some minutes away from Simmons. If Isaac is out, I think Simmons has the higher floor than Rivers and THJ and even has the upside. He has been playing well lately and I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up taking over the starting role over Terrance Ross.


Small Forward:


        - Kevin Durant $9,800: I typically never roster Warriors players but KD is in a terrific spot tonight. This game is projected to be high-scoring and the Clippers will have extra motivation because the Warriors have dominated them lately. I expect this battle to stay close and no one on the Clippers matches up well against Durant. 


         - Andrew Wiggins $6,800: Wiggins is a great contrarian play tonight and I can see him getting overlooked in tonight's slate. This should be an up and down type of game and Wiggins is a certified shot taker. If he didn't hog most of the usage then maybe Butler's value would be better. He has the upside you need to take down a tournament. 


        - Danilo Gallinari $5,900: At this price there is great upside potential. The Clippers will be playing way up in pace and will need to score to keep this game close. Gallo has the ability to get hot from three and he has logged 30+ minutes in every Clippers game so far. They will need him to step up and help take the pressure off of Griffin. Great play in all formats tonight.


Power Forward:


        - LaMarcus Aldridge $8,500: With the absence of Leonard Aldridge has become the main beneficiary and has stepped up his game so far this season. The Spurs will be playing up in pace and we know to attack Boston Bigs. LMA has logged heavy minutes and seems to have earned the trust of Pop. Great play at this price.


        - Kristaps Porzingis $8,400: Even with his amazing performance against the Cavs over the weekend, his price somehow dropped! This is a bargain for the star of the Knicks. It is also encouraging that even though THJ had a great game, Porzingis' fantasy production did not suffer. He actually produced his best fantasy game of the year against the Cavs so look for his success and good play to continue. 


        - Aaron Gordon $7,500: With all the great plays at PF/C tonight, I can see Gordon getting slightly overlooked. This game has the highest projected over/under of the night at over 225. This game will be a track meet and that fits perfectly with Gordon's playing style. Since his return from injury he has logged over 30 min. a game and has looked good. Playing Gordon allows you to have a more balanced lineup so you don't have to play bums like Zaza to fit stars on your roster.




        - Karl-Anthony Towns $9,000: Towns is coming off a monster performance against the Thunder. In a tough match up against Adams, he still managed to produce in a large way. I love to attack Whiteside, but if Whiteside is out again today I am not afraid of any of the Heat bigs slowing down KAT. Both teams play at a relatively fast pace and the 216.5 over/under is promising. Towns is also battling an illness, but is expected to play. I expect ownership to be rather low, but the upside is there.


        - Clint Capela $6,700: Last week the Rockets played the Sixers in Philly and Capela was amazing putting up over 54 DK points. Embiid is great offensively, but can get attacked on the defensive end. If Capela stays out of foul trouble, he could be in for a big night. Nene is also listed as questionable, if out Capela could be in for huge minutes. 


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