Fluck's Cream of the Flock

Point Guard

1. Russell Westbrook 11.5k- Westbrook gets a juicy match up today. Hell be going up against the Twolves who rank 27th in DvP vs PGs. Westbrook is averaging roughly 1.46 fantasy point per minute, and playing about 35 of them per game. If you are going to roster him tonight, be looking to get anywhere from 55-58 to be of any value to you. You can play him across all formats.

2. Steph Curry 9.5k- Steph has been terrific this season. As I have mentioned in previous articles, I love me some Steph. He has had 52.3, 49.4, and 46.7 in his last three games. Today he's playing against the Wizards who rank in the bottom of the league at guarding point guards.  At this price tag, I think is more than fair for him. Playing a ton of minutes into the mid to high thirties, while averaging 1.38 fdp per minute. They have an insane team total today of over 120, I believe Steph will be contributing a goo bit to that total. Be looking to get 45-50 fdp from Steph tonight to be worthy of being in you line up. Fire him up across the board.

3. Kyle Lowry 7.5k- Kyle Lowry man, I have a love hate relationship with this guy. He hasn't been showing up this year, but last game showed us some life. Today he gets a paced up matchup against the Lakers. The Lakers are ranked 24th in DvP at guarding the one spot. With the pace of game and a team total of 113 makes Lowry worth a look today. Be seeking to get about 34-40 fop from him to be of any value to you tonight. He is more of a GPP play for me tn.

4. Lonzo Ball 7.4k- On the other side of the ball, we have Birthday Boy Lonzo. He has been putting up numbers in all the categories, but has been shooting terrible. He gets a little tougher matchup tonight against Lowry who plays pretty good defense. Like I said though, Lonzo doesn't have to make shots to be effective. With that said if he stumbles across some points tonight he could be a great Gpp play. Look to be getting around 35-38 fdp from him tonight, to be of any help to your line up. 

5. Spencer Dinwiddie 4.4k- With Russell banged up, Dinwiddie put up a godly stat line against the Cavs. Amassing 39 fdp and the win. Today he gets another juicy matchup against the Knicks who rank 20th in DvP vs the PG position. If you looking for some value at this spot, fire him up. He should be safe for all formats. Look to get 20-23 fdp from him tonight to feel comfortable rostering him as your value play. 

Shooting Guard

1. James Harden 11.5k- What can I say about him. He's one of the best players in the league right now. With no CP3, they look to run the offense through him. He gets a tougher matchup against a  Hornets team who are top ten in DvP vs SGs. I don't think that slows him down today tho. Harden gets his no matter what. He still hasn't had that WOW game we've been waiting for, so maybe its soon! Harden has been playing massive minutes as well, I hardly saw him come out of the game against Philly.  At 1.28 fdp per minute and walking triple double threat, look for harden to get you 54-58 fdp to be of any value to you. I think he is safe for all formats.

2. Klay Thompson 7.2k- This game is going to be a high scoring one. So you are going to want a piece of it. Brady Beal is not that great of a defender, as the Wizard rank 15th in DvP vs SGs. If you are looking for a piece of this game, Klay could fit nicely into your line ups. He is putting up a lot of minutes and has scored over 30 fdp in his last two. I think this is a far price tag for Klay today, in a game that should be a track meet. You'll be wanting around 35-38 fdp for Klay to be of any value to you tonight. I think he's safe for all formats.

3. Eric Gordon 7.1k- I am loving this guy lately. he has been a usage monster with CP3 sidelined.  He gets a game that wont be the best in pace but the Rockets will still be looking for him to provide offense. With a strong 40 fdp performance last game, I think this price tag is still pretty fair of him. With his usage right now be looking for another strong performance today. Look to get 32-37 fdp from him today to be relevant in you line up. I think he's still more on the GPP side of the line for me.

4. Andre Wiggins 6.5k-  Wiggins gets a nice matchup today vs an OKC team who defends the two spot not all that great. Ranking 29th in DvP. Wiggins put up a nice game agains OKC earlier this season amassing 46.4 fdp. I like him as a nice Gpp flier today, and will be looking to get 35-38 fdp from him to be of any use to me.

5. Danny Green 5.5k- I can not believe I am writing up Danny Green. I thought I would never play him again, but he has made himself relevant again. With the absence of Leonard, he has been playing great putting up 29.9 and 40 fdp in his last two Today he's going up against an Orlando team who ranks 13th in DvP. At his price tag, he is a good mid tier Gpp option for me tonight.  You'll be wanting about 26-32 fdp for him to be of value to you. 

Small Forward

1. Kevin Durant 10.1k- Like I have mentioned earlier, you will be wanting some of this game. SF is terrible today. Making Durant almost a lock for me today. Durant has been a really consistent source of fdp lately amassing over 40 fantasy points in all of his games this year. He is one of the safer cash plays on the slate today. He also has a high enough ceiling to be a good Gpp play as well. This game has a total of 230ish, and should deb a fast one as well. You'll be wanting to get 46-52 fdp from him to be effective in your line ups. Fire him up for all formats.

2. Paul George 8.3k- Most of the time you would be worried about a guy like Jimmy Butler defending him, but honestly the Twolves have had a bad defense so far. They rank 24th in DvP vs Sfs. Also, they played earlier this season and he put up 43 fdp vs them. at this price tag I think he is more than worth a look today. He is averaging around 1.05 fdp per minute and playing roughly 36-38 minutes per game. With that said expect to see bounce back from last game against the Pacers, where he was in foul trouble the whole game. Be looking to get 43-46 from PG13 today to be of any value. GPP option for me.

3. Kelly Oubre Jr 5.2k- Like I said not many options at Sf today. Kelly is a mid tier guy you might want to look at. Another player from this 230 projected point total game. The Warriors haven't played very good defense lately, ranking 29th in DvP vs Sfs. Oubre has been playing a lot of minutes, averaging 38-39 of them per game. I think he makes for a good Gpp option today. Look to get 23-28 fdp to be comfortable rostering him tonight. 

Power Forward

1. Lamarcus Aldridge 9k- This guy has been a usage monster without Leonard. The seem to go to him in the post almost every time down court. This explains his increased salary over the last couple weeks. Orlando isn't the best at guarding PFs ranking 21st in DvP. Playing roughly 36 minutes a game and averaging about 40 fdp, I would expect another similar game here tonight. Look to get 45-50 to really feel good about using him today. Consider him safe for all formats.

2. Kristaps Porzingis 8.9k- Last time I wrote him up he was terrible. Today he gets a Nets team who allow the most points per game and play at the fastest pace. They have a decent team total today at about 112. Mix that with pace and DvP, th unicorn could be in for a big day. What better way to bounce back than against a terrible team like the Nets, right? Look to get 42-26 fdp from him tonight to be of value. Teetering on GPP or cash for me but he should be safe for both.

3. Draymond Green 8.2k- Another Warrior player, I know. this game is just so juicy. His price tag has jumped a little bit but I still like him today. I have a feeling this is a Dray Day and he gives us a great performance in this high projected total game. He's a Stat Stuffer, and we love those type of players. Draymond is a triple double waiting to happen, maybe it happens today? Look to get a solid 43-47 fdp from him tonight too be really effective for you.

4. Paul Millsap 6.6k- This man has never been so cheap in his life. Its rather crazy, but he has produced like we thought he would. Today he goes up against his former team the Hawks. We always love ourselves a little narrative action. Not saying hell have a Boogie type performance but maybe hell have a little added incentive to put in work. The Hawks are a bad defensive team, ranking 18th in DvP vs PFs. Buy cheap, sell high, thats my motto I live by, and this is a perfect case of that tonight. Look to get 33-36 fdp from Millsap to be of any value to you. Making him a GPP option for me.

5. Frank Kamisnky 5.4k- Heres a cheaper mid tier option for you. Frank the Tank has been getting good run lately averaging over 26 minutes a game. In his last three he has averaged over 26 fdp. His matchup today isn't the easiest but if your looking of r a mid range play whose on the safer side he's your guy. Look to get 24-27 fdp to feel goo about rostering him tonight. More of GPP option for me in this spot.


1. Clint Capela 7.7k- Just like sf center rinse that great today. Clint has been rather consistent lately. He dropped a whopping 56 fdp nug last game against Philly. Now I don't expect that out of him tonight, but against a Charlotte team who ranks 19th in DvP there are worse option on the board. They'll need Clint out there guarding Howard every step of the way. With that said, when rostering him tonight, look to get 33-35 fdp at his price tag for value. He should deb okay for all formats.

2. Steven Adams 7k- He may be one of my favorite centers on this slate. He has been great for OKC so far this year.  Today he gets a great matchup vs Towns whose defense is rather bad. Adams faced off with Towns a few games back and dropped 44 fdp on his head. Fire up Adams up across all formats as expect a similar performance tonight from him.

3. Enes Kanter 6k- Hes in a great spot tonight going up against a Nets team who is first in points allowed and in pace. Kanter is a point per minute god, and he makes the most of his time out on the court. At this price tag I think he is a great GPP option. Seeing around 25-30 minutes a game look for a decent outing tonight from Kanter. You'll be wanting 25-28 from him to be of value to you.

Good luck! Have Fun!

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