Fluck's Cream of the Flock


1. Russell Westbrook 10.8k- Westbrook gets a decent matchup today vs a paced up Indiana team. We are used to seeing Westbrook above 12k, but this year with the addition of Melo and PG13, he hasn't had to shoulder the workload he did last season. Westbrook averages around 1.33 FDP per minute. With this price tag and game pace, you will be looking to get about 54-58 FDP from Westbrook to be of any value to you. I would consider him safe for all formats tonight.

2. John Wall 10.2k- Wall gets a good matchup tonight versus a putrid Lakers defense. If you have been paying attention to the media lately, Wall and the Balls, have a little feud going on. Wall said he is going to ‘show no mercy” when playing against Lonzo today. With that said, the lakers rank 26th in DVP vs opposing PGs. Both teams like to push the ball and play up in pace, so I am expecting a big day for Wall. He is averaging around 1.34 FDP per minute and is playing a lot of them. Factoring in Wall’s usage, pace of game, and FDP per minute, you will be wanting to see around 45-55 FDP from him tonight. I say it’s safe to fire Wall up in all formats.

3. Steph Curry 9.4k- Steph has been playing great lately, but gets a tougher matchup today vs a Raptors team whose rank is 7th in DVP vs the PG position. Both teams will be playing up in pace, as they both rank amongst the top ten in that category. I think that 9.4k is a reasonable price for Curry tonight. Vegas has the team total projected at 119, and I believe he will be contributing a good bit of those points to that total. If you are looking to roster Curry tonight, you will wanting to get 42-44 FDP from him. Curry has a nice safe floor, as well as a high ceiling, I would label him as safe play for cash games or GPPs.

4. Lonzo Ball 7.4k- This game is going to be a track meet. You are going to want some exposure here. Today Lonzo gets a great matchup against the Wizards who rank 25th in DVP vs PGs. His price tag is up a little, but rightfully so, has he has posted over 30 FDP in his last two, including a 50 FDP performance. Lonzo has been getting some good run as well, hovering around 35 minutes a game. With those high minutes, he is producing around 1.1 FDP per minute, making this more than a fair price tag. When rostering Lonzo today, you will be looking to get 34 to 37 FDP from him. Fire him up across the board.

5. Reggie Jackson 6.9k- Reggie has looked pretty good to start the year off. He gets a juicy matchup today vs a Wolves team who rank 27th in guarding PGs. My only concern here is that his minutes have been right around 28, but he is still managing 1.19 FDP per minute. This game is down in pace some, making it not very attractive for fantasy purposes. 6.9k may be a little high for me for Reggie. Needing around 33- 35 FDP tonight he becomes more of a GPP play.

6. Dejounte Murray 5.9k- This kid has been stellar for the Spurs so far this season. I really like his game. He looks to be maturing pretty fast, and Pop seems to like him a lot. He gets a pretty tuff matchup vs Miami today, who rank in the top of the league in DVP. Murray has put up over 30 FDP in every game this year, while averaging around 28 minutes a game. At his current price, he makes for an interesting mid tier GPP play tonight. I will probably have a little bit of Murray here, as cheaper options aren't looking to stellar. Ill be expecting to get 28-33 FDP from Murray today in order to have any value in my lineup tonight. 

7. Spencer Dinwiddie 4.4k- Here is my cheap nugget for the point guard spot today. Russell has been ruled out for tonights game, and the Nets are already without Lin. As I have mentioned before Atkinson hardly ever plays anyone over 30 minutes. With that said I don't expect that to change tonight. I still see Dinwiddie receiving roughly 25 -28 minutes with a slight bump. Today, he gets a Cavs team who have been terrible on defense lately, but with Lebron running the point now for Cleveland this makes Dinwiddie more of a GPP option for me tonight. If you get anything over 20 FDP from Dinwiddie today you will more than happy with your value play.


1. James Harden 11.6k- Harden is one of my top plays on the slate tonight. He still is yet to have that “Harden” type game we all have been wanting to see. Tonight, he gets a great matchup vs the Sixers who rank 15th in DVP against SGs. The Rockets are still without Paul, making Hardens usage insane. He is a little pricey at this tag, needing about 55-60 FDP to have any kind of value to you tonight. I believe that is more than attainable today in a game with a decent total point projection of 220. Harden is safe for all formats.

2. Victor Olidipo 7.8k- I wrote him up yesterday as a top play and he performed just fine with 38 FDP. Today he is going against his former team OKC. On top of this narrative Dipo has a great usage rate around 30 percent. The Thunder struggle guarding SG ranking 29th in DVP. You'll be looking to get 36-42 FDp from him today to be of any value. Dipo for me, is more of a GPP play at this price but is more than safe for cash games. 

3. Eric Gordon 6.7k- This man has been great lately. He has a nice usage rate with CP3 being out, and they have been running him as the back up point guard when harden is off the floor. Today he gets the Sixers, and he should have another decent outing. Both team will be playing up in pace making this game very sexy. If you want some exposure here, Gordon is worth the look. He is safe for all formats tonight, as you will be looking to get 32-40 FDP from him. 


1. Lebron James 10.7k- Lebron got the start at PG last night for the first time since 2005, and he did not disappoint. Dropping 34 with 13 assists, and 60 FDP. Tonight he gets a Brooklyn team that plays very fast and plays zero defense. My concern here is the blowout, Russell is out for the Nets, who is their main scoring threat, making it a little scary. If they manage to keep it close tho expect Point Guard Lebron to be in full force. You'll be wanting 55-58 from him tonight in order to feel good about rostering him.

2. Paul George 8.7k- We get the narrative story here as PG13 gets to play against his old team the Pacers. I really like George tonight, as the teams will be playing fast and he has a huge usage rate of 30 percent. Indiana ranks 26th at guarding the SF spot, so look for PG13 to be aggressive in this one. I can see a big day from him, as you will need about 42-46 FDP to be of any value here.

3. Nemanja Bjelica 3k- this is my deep sleeper here at this position. With Jimmy out tonight with an illness, Bjelica will be seeing a bump in minutes. Last night he got some great run with 26 minutes and was jacking up shots. This is what we like to see from our value guys, unlike Ross or Tim Hardaway who waste away in the corners. Bjelica is so dang cheap guys, if he gets 20 minutes or more it makes him an amazing GPP plug. Even if he gets you 15FDP you wont feel too dirty about rostering him. Fire him up in GPPS, if you are looking to fit some studs in.


1. Ben Simmons 8.8k- Ben is an amazing basketball player, who fills up the stat sheet. He's what we like to call a “Stat Sheet Stuffer.” He posted his first triple double last game and gets another great matchup here. This game is gong to be high scoring and Simmons should be everywhere. he is averaging almost 1.2 FDP per minute and getting around 36 minutes of run. Even though he is up in price I would expect to see around 40-45 FDP today in a high scoring affair. Fire him up across the board.

2. Draymond Green 7.8k- Draymond does it all on the court. He is another one of our stat stuffers. With the new scoring(steals and blocks 3 FDP) he is even more of a beast this year. The team total for this game is 120, which is pretty high. We like to target high totals, because there is more scoring obviously. He gets a tuff matchup against Ibaka today, but I still like him for GPPs. Look to get 40 -45 FDP from Draymond today to be of any relevance.

3. Otto Porter Jr 7.5k- Otto has been on a hot streak posting over 40 FDP in two straight games. Today he gets a juicy matchup against the Lakers who rank 27th in the league vs PFs. As I have mentioned, you want a piece of this game! It is going to be fast and have no defense what so ever. At this price tag, he is getting expensive, but I will be looking to get 35-40 FDP from him tonight. I really like him as a GPP flier today.

4. Domantas Sabonis 4.8k- This man has been a steady value plug with Myles Turner out with a neck issue. Today he gets a revenge narrative going up against his old team OKC. Now this isn't the easiest matchup as Steven Adams is a good defender but at this price tag and his minutes in the high 20s and low 30s, he could stumble upon value with ease. Plug him in across all formats tonight.


1. Karl-Anthony Towns 10.1k- Yesterday towns was a disappointment as he should have went crazy against the Pacers. Overall, yesterday was just a weird slate. Today he gets a matchup vs Drummond, who does not play any defense. The Pistons rank 25th in DVP guarding the center spot. Look for KAT to bounce back with a strong 45-52 FDP performance against a Sleepy Drummond. Fire him up across the board.

2. Rudy Gobert 8.5k- Rudy is a rebounding and blocking monster. Today he gets a juicy matchup versus the Suns who are in the bottom of the league at guarding centers. Utah could blow away the young Suns team, making that him more of a risky play tonight. Rudy has seen about 33 minutes per game, if he sees around that tonight I could see a huge game from him. When rostering him look to get around 45-48 FDP to be of any value to you. Labeling him a GPP option for tonight.

3. Marcin Gortat 6.1k- Another player from this game. You could honestly run a pretty nice gam stack here and feel safe about it. 6.1k is incredibly fair for Gortat today going against a lakers defense who are 21st in DVP at the center position. Last game Gortat got into some foul trouble guarding Jokic and still put up 21FDP. With this price tag, point total and pace, I think he could easily hit value at 25 or FDP. He is a great mid tier cash and GPP play for me tonight.

4. Jakob Poeltl 4.9k- I wrote him up the other day as a nice cheap option, due to the fact Val is injured. Now the other back up C Lucas has been ruled out for tonight. With this news this makes Jakob a great value play as the Raptors are down to their last good big man. He has dropped over 30 FDP in his last two games and should see even more run tonight. One point of concern for me is GSW going small, which would force Raptors to run Ibaka possibly at the 5. With that said I still think Jakob sees over 22 minutes tonight and could find himself being atop of the value pile  tonight. he does have some risk here, but I think he is safe enough for cash and GPP today. Look to get anywhere from 22-25 FDP from him tonight to really be effective in your line ups!

Good luck! Have Fun!


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