Easy Money with Esmond - Top DK Tournament Plays

Top DraftKings tournament plays at each position.

Point Guard:

- John Wall $10,200: Get your popcorn ready because John Wall is ready to shut Lavar Ball up! Narrative aside, Wall is in a great spot against Lonzo tonight. The Lakers play at the leagues fastest pace so I expect this to be an up and down game, perfect for Wall. This game also has the highest over/under of the night, a whopping 230.5 points will be scored and with Wall's usage rate he should be heavily involved.

- Caris LeVert $5,100: Even if Russell wasn't just announced as doubtful for tonight's game I would've had exposure to LeVert. Now I want heavy exposure. It's always tough to trust anyone on the Nets to get consistent minutes, but he has logged at least 27 minutes in every game this season and I expect him to get closer to 30 minutes tonight against the Cavs. LeVert is talented and the Nets will need to play him to have a chance, the Cavs also happen to be struggling lately and with no Wade I like the Nets chances of keeping this one close. 

Shooting Guard:

- Victor Oladipo $7,200: Oladipo has been having a solid start to the young NBA Season. A little revenge game for Oladipo as he makes a return to OKC. I expect him and PG to have some back and forth battles as both teams don't play much defense. The projected over/under of 218 bodes well for an aggressive Oladipo. With most peope likely to play the higher priced DeRozan or Beal I love Victor at this price. Playing the ownership game is key.

- Eric Gordon $6,000: How is he still so low-priced? Since CP3 has been out, Gordon has flourished in the starting lineup next to Harden. He's been bringing up the ball more and has been playing Point Guard for the 2nd unit so his assist numbers have gone up. He is an excellent play since you can attack Sixers guards. The Rockets are also without Nene and Ariza tonight so they'll lean heavily on Gordon and Harden to keep up with the young Sixers.

- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope $4,700: The Lakers signed him to a huge off season contract and plan to play him major minutes as Lonzo's back court running mate. Since he missed the opener, I think he has fallen under the radar and you can get him low owned. With the pace of this game I expect KCP to get up a ton of shots. He's also one of the few Lakers Coach Walton will actually play big minutes. 

Small Forward: 

- Carmelo Anthony $7,100: You're reading this correctly, I am all over Melo tonight, for several reasons. Melo has received over 34 minutes in all 3 of their regular season games and has looked good. To win a tournament we need players with high upside and we know Melo can put up 50+ actual points on any given night. Not saying that is tonight, but with PG and Oladipo likely to go at it I can see Melo benefiting from Oladipo focusing on PG. 

- Kyle Kuzma $4,700: All summer Lonzo was supposed to be the Rookie that won over the hearts of fans in LA, but Kuzma had something to say about that. Walton loves him and his minutes and DK points have been trending up every game. He's one of the first off the bench and with the high projected over/under you want pieces of this game. Since he is a bench player, I can see him being fairly low owned. 

Power Forward:

- Kevin Love $7,600: I think Love is very under priced. Tristian moving into the starting lineup doesn't scare me because Love was still able to grab 12 boards last night to Triscuit's 9. Aaron Gordon just torched the Nets, so I expect Love to smash tonight. The Cavs have been struggling lately and need Love to come up big. At this price he is a must play in tournaments. 

- Tobias Harris $6,200: The Timberwolves struggle on the defensive end and now Jimmy Butler is ruled out for the 2nd straight game (at least they let us know way ahead of time today) I expect Harris to have his way on the offensive end. Harris has logged at least 33 minutes in every game and at this price if you can get anyone that plays over 30 minutes that's a steal. Harris also just had an off game against the Sixers so recency bias says to play him tonight.

- Serge Ibaka $5,400: With Valanciunas and Nogueira both out tonight Ibaka is in a great spot against the Warriors. This game features the projected 2nd highest over/under at 228.5. Since the Warriors usually play small, look for Ibaka to log a lot of minutes at Center tonight. At his price it makes him a must play. His minutes have already been trending up, I expect him to log close to 30 minutes tonight.


- Karl-Anthony Towns $8,600: Since Jimmy Butler is out Towns is in a juicy spot tonight against sleepy-Drummond. Embiid just cooked Drummond, with Towns' ability to shoot from 3 Drummond will have his hands full tonight. More opportunity for Towns, just hope Wiggins doesn't take all the shots. If you pay up for Center tonight, KAT is my top pick.

- Rudy Gobert $7,500:  Usually Gobert is a solid cash game play, but tonight I like him in tournaments. He has shown he can put up 50 DK points on any given night and he's playing up in pace against the Suns. Phoenix is going through transition with a new coach and dealing with Bledsoe as a distraction. If the Suns decide to play more of their young big's to get experience, Gobert is going to feast. 

- Marcin Gortat $5,500: The Polish Hammer has a match up with Brook Lopez tonight, the man allergic to rebounding. With this uptempo game, I love Gortat tonight. His price also allows you to fit in Wall/Beal if you want to stack this game against the Lakers. We want upside and I can see Gortat being the highest scoring DK scorer for the Center position tonight. 

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