1. Damian Lillard 9.9k- If you have followed me for a while, you know I love me some Dame Dolla. This man just flat out balls. He bangs threes and gets to the rim. Not to mention, he has what seems to be an improved defense this season. He has gotten a steal a game, including 4 of em last game. At this price tag, you are looking to get around 50 or a little more from Dame  to have an relevance in your line ups tonight. Tonight he gets a Pelicans team that is ranked 11th in DVP vs the PG spot. At this price tag I think 45 FDP to 50 is attainable, but there isn't much upside from there. I consider him safe for cash games as Dame is a pretty consistent player and has nice usage rate. 

2.  Kyrie Irving 9.1k- Oh man, Kyrie, what can I say. He left the Cavs to “find himself” but instead is finding out how hard life is without Lebron. Kyrie hasn’t been outstanding shooting poorly from the field the past couple games and only amassing around 35 FDP. Tonight, I think that changes. He may go a little over looked due to “Game log watchers” not playing him. Us though we like the “game log watcher” because they pass over so many jewels. If we take a look Kyrie has averaged almost 36 minutes a game. Thats a lot of run, on a team that really needs him to shoot the ball. Today he gets a nice matchup vs the Knicks who rank 19th in DVP at the PG position. Ramon Freakin Sessions will be guarding him. He's BBQ chicken tonight as Shaq would say. Fire up Kyrie in all formats. 

3. D’Angelo Russell 7.8k- He is getting a little pricey these days, but gets a juicy match up here against Orlando who rank 29th in DVP vs the 1 spot. These two teams met up already just a couple games ago. Russell played 25 minutes and totaled 30.6 FDP at an 8k price tag. My point of concern here with Russell is his minutes. Atkinson never plays anyone over 30 minutes. It is pretty annoying to watch to be honest. At this price tag I expect to see around 30 - 35 FDP tonight from him. I think he may be just a little to pricey here for me today but I think he is safe enough for cash and even GPPs.

4. Jeff Teague 7k- Jeff Teague at this price range has a some of my attention. Ole Thibs loves to run his starters into the ground, and us DFSers don't mind that honestly. Not to mention the Pacers play up in pace, which is always nice. The more run the more chances to score us some FDP. So, with that said Teague is averaging about 0.9 FDP per minute. If he gets to run 35-39 minutes tonight in a high team total game, I can see 32-38 FDP from Jeff today. Solid play here for GPP and possibly even some cash games.  

5. Darren Collison 6.5k- Darren has been very good for the Pacers so far this year. Im really liking this whole game for tonight. It has a good total and should be up in pace as the Pacers rank in the top 6 in pace. He also has a good matchup, the Wolves actually rank 25th in DVP vs the point guard position. At this price tag look for 30 or FDP from him tonight.

6. DJ Augustin 5.8k- Here I get to mention one of a handful of possible plays on the Magic tonight. All of the Magic players got that vs Brooklyn price tag bump, and rightfully so, as the Nets are terrible defensively and rank amongst the top 3 in pace. This game should have a lot of scoring in it. At this price tho he is easy to fade for me. His ceiling is about 30 maybe 35 and at 5.8k that about what you are wanting from him. So not much room for the explosiveness ya need. With that said I think he is still safe for 25-30 FDP tonight. Good for all formats.

7. Ian Clark 3.9k- Ian Clark, he is actually a pretty good basketball player. This is my deep sleeper nugget today. His minutes have been right around 24-26. The last two games he has posted over 20 FDP at under 4k. Something to note though is the Pelicans did sign Jameer Nelson recently tho and received some minutes last game. I can see 20-21 fop from Clark tonight. GPP more oriented play.

8. Ramon Sessions 4.1k- Last but not least! Ramon! Man he is boring as hell to watch but, today you are going to be looking for salary relief. This is a sub 5 k nugget who starts and plays 25-30 minutes a game. Today he draws the defense of Kyrie, who actually plays very little of that. I could see a nice 22-26 fop from Ramon today. Fire him up in all formats.



1 .CJ McCollum 7.8k- Cj gets a good matchup here tonight. The Pelicans rank 22nd in DVP vs the two guard spot. CJ has a decent usage as well, if you watch, Stotts usually takes CJ off the floor towards the end of the first, and then replaces Dame with him going into the second and lets him run the Offense. He is a little pricey tonight and you need about 40 FDP from him today to be of any value to you. He is safe for cash games but I think there are better value options out there today.

2. Victor Oladipo 7.6k- This man seems to have found a groove here with the Pacers. He gets a great matchup against the Wolves who defend SGs pretty poorly ranking 23rd in DVP. Dipo has had a great usage rate around 30 so far and that makes for a great DFS play. I expect to see around 35-40 FDP tonight and I would use across all formats.  

3. Andrew Wiggins 6.9k- I love some Wigg Daddy today. This game is just gold to be honest. Wolves should be up in pace against a bad defensive team. Wiggins with the addition of new piece Butler has not taken a back seat to him. He continues to shoot whenever he likes and in this game may get a few more of those shots. At this price tag i could easily see 30-35 FDP tonight for Wiggins. 

4. Caris Levert 5.8k- Back to this game. He has been a pretty active player for the Nets. And that is what we like to see. Not to mention, Atkinson broke his golden rule and actually played him over 30 minutes last game. Atkinson must have wanted to throw up lol. Anyway, he has produced solid outings averaging above 25 FDP a game. If you want som exposure to this game, which you will want, here is you rub 6k guy. Plug him in safe across the board.

5. Evan Turner 5.5k- Evan Turner has been a huge role player off the bench for the Blazers. he is averaging .8 FDP per minute and playing about 24 minutes a game. He gets a decent matchup today and I could see 22-25 FDP for him making him a decent mid tier option.

6. Tim Hardaway Jr 4.8k- Okay so he hasn't been the monster to start the year as we expected. If you played any preseason NBA you thought he was gunna be a force on the court. Well he has had two tuff match ups to start the year. He is still getting the minutes though and we like that. He draws a tuff match up again today against Smart BUT Smart may be out tonight making Tim a great value plug at 4.8k. At this price I could see a 25 FDP night from him. GPP play mostly for me here.



1. LeBron James 10.7k- Lebron is the best player in the league but gets a hefty price tag because of it. Today he plays against the Bulls who are just awful. They cant defend anywhere especially at the SF spot. Lebron should have his way out there today. He usually plays pretty well versus th Bulls too. The only thing to worry about here is the blowout factor. The Bulls stink plain and simple. But if they managed to keep it close LeBron could have a huge night. I could see 45-55 fop from him tonight. Safe for all formats.

2. Jimmy Butler 8.3k- I like Jimmy tonight. The “game log watchers” may pass on him but I think he is due for a big Jimmy game. He has a prime spot tonight in this fast paced game. As I have mentioned already the Pacers play bad defense and play up in pace. I can see Jimmy Buckets paying off his price tag today with 45 FDP or a little more. Fire him up if you have the salary.

3. Danilo Gallinari 6.5k- I do like me some Gallo tonight. He should get Joe Ingles defense against him, who is, kinda slow laterally. This game is not very attractive because Utah as been really good DVP wise, but if I were to pick a Clipper it would be Gallo. His price is pretty fair and I could see 30 even 40 FDP from him tonight. GPP option for me.

4.  Allen Crabbe  4.8k- he has been getting solid minutes hovering around 25 ish, here a cheap guy to plug in for some exposure to this game. He is going to shoot, so don't worry about that. If he can get you 10 points a few buckets a block or a steal he could pay off that tag of his and makes for a good value plug in option today. Warning tho, he does have a very low floor. I consider him more of a GPP flier for me. 

5. Jonathon Simmons 4.4k- he has been seeing about 22 minutes a game, and had a decent game putting up over 25FDP vs Cleveland. This game is one you would like to target, as I have mentioned. One of the highest totals on the night, if your looking for a cheap GPP play Simmons is worth your look.

6. Thabo Sefolosha 3.7k- deep sleeper reacher nugget here. There is no Rodney Hood, and possibly no Joe Ingles. With that considered I like me some Thabo. He doesn't score much but he does play great defense. And this year Fanduel made steals and blocks worth more, which makes him even more attractive at this price tag. The last two games he has seen over 25 minutes and if Joe is out I expect to see a little bump to that 25 min. GPP option for me.



1. Anthony Davis 12.2k- this man has been an absolute monster to start the year. He has had over 60FDp in all of his games this season. He averages around 1.59 FDP per minute. Tonight he gets a little bit of a tougher match up vs Aminu but I still think AD will have a pretty good game here. You will need about 60FDP from him tonight which I think is very attainable. Just like yesterday we say The Freak pay off his tag and ended up in a lot of cashing line ups. I think AD is safe for all formats tonight, especially on a 6 game slate.

2. Kristops Porzingis 9.3k- He is the main man here in NY now that Melo is gone. And his usage shows for it. A high of a 30ish percent usage rate makes the Unicorn worth a look tonight against Boston, who doesn't rebound very well at all. Look for a Unicorn sighting tonight as I think he drops a nice 42-50 nugget on Boston. Safe for any format tonight.

3. Aaron Gordon 8k- He is back tonight for the Magic and gets a nice matchup to boot. Brooklyn don't really do much of anything well, especially rebound. He is a little pricey at 8k so I may be fading here. I could see 35-40FDP tonight from him though if you aren't looking to pay up for AD or the Unicorn.

4. Trevor Booker 6k- Another player from this game. He is the leader off the bench of the Nets and averages around 22-24 minutes a game at 1.15 FDP per minute. He is a nice GPP option tonight but I probably wont have much of him today. With that said expect about 22-26 FDP from him.

5. Thad Young 6k- Thad young has been an absolute ball hog when he's on the court. He is shooting at will. He averages almost .9 FDP per minute and has been playing good minutes. The Wolves rank 29th against guarding the 4 spot, making Thad a great mid tier option of tonight. I could see him going for 30ish FDP.

6. Domantas Sabonis 4.8k- here is a cheap guy at PF that I like since Turner is scheduled to be out again tonight. Last game Turner was out Sabonis saw decent run and should again tonight in a paced up game vs a bad defending team at the 4 spot. I could deem him cash safe and GPP worthy.



1. Demarcus Cousins 11.4k- this guy is an absolute stud. His usage has been great at around 30 percent. If you have watched any of the Pelicans games Boogie turns into a point guard and runs the offense. It is hard to fit Boogie and AD into one line up tonight so you'll most likely have to choose one. If you want to take a slight discount go Boogie, I myself, will be gong AD as I think you can find cheaper options at C tonight for a better ROI. With that said Boogie is safe for all formats.

2. Karl-Anthony Towns 10.1k- Towns gets a great matchup here vs a Tunrerless Pacers team. I expect towns to feast on the Pacers tonight. I could see anywhere from 45-55 is FDP from him tonight. He is a little pricey for me, but well worth the look.

3. Nikola Vucevic 9.8k- Vooooch! He has been great to start the year. he absolutely destroyed the Nets earlier this season, and I expect him to again tonight. Now he did get a nice price bump, making him easier to fade tonight in my opinion. With that said, when he goes ham he usually tops off around 55ish, which is what he need tonight for value. Which he is more than capable of doing. He may be chalky tonight, but fire him up everywhere if you have the salary.

4. Rudy Gobert 8.5k- I like Rudy tonight at this price. He may go over looked today, due to everyone looking at three I just mentioned above. He gets a true center in Jordan tonight so Utah will be looking got use him every time Jordan is on the floor. I could see a nice 42-46 FDp from Gobert tonight. I would label him more of a GPP option.

5. Kevin Love 8.3k- Kevin is going against a Bulls team that just allowed Jacob Poeltl drop 35 FDP on them. This bulls team is terrible, which brings me to my point of concern, the blowout factor is very much in play here as I mentioned with Lebron. If this game stays close however, Love could be in for a massive game. I could see him paying this tag off and going for a nice 40 or more spot tonight against a Bulls squad who ranks 29th in DVP vs centers. Love is a GPP flier for me tonight. 

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