Fluck’s Cream of the Flock


1.   John Wall 10.3K - this man has a solid usage rate hovering around 30 percent. Today he gets a pretty decent matchup against Denver, whose DVP vs PGs is 15. John Wall is a pretty safe play for today. Fire him up in all formats. Even with that broke jumper, he is still going to jack up 25 shots and get you plenty of assists, and a steal or two. I can see an easy 45-50 fdp from him today. At that price tag 5x should do the trick. 

2.  Steph Curry 9.2K-  at this price tag, I will probably have little to no exposure here. With Golden State you never know who is going to go off. Usually when one of them get hot they just keep feeding them the ball. Another thing to note is a possible suspension could be handed down for being ejected after throwing g a mouth piece at an official. Something to pay attention to. I could see 40 fdp from Steph today making him more of GPP option for me going against Dallas who ranks 11th in DVP vs PGs.

3.   Kemba Walker 8.2k-  with Batum out for the season you would think this guy would have an insane usage rate but its actually been the opposite. He has been down in the low 20s in terms of usage which is rather disappointing for me. He is a GPP flier for me only today as the bucks usually play a slow pace and guard the PG position very well. Bucks are 13th in DVP vs PGs. With that being said I will be fading Kemba. 

4.  Mike Conley 7.9k- this is an interesting play to me. Houston plays at a decent pace and are terrible at guarding the PG position. I wouldn't use in cash games but for a GPP flier it could be okay. Still a little pricy for me and better options out there. 

5. Reggie Jackson 6.8k- Reggie has looked good this year. Posting over 30 fdp in three straight games. He gets a tasty matchup here against the Sixers who rank 20th in defending the PG position. My only issue here with Reggie is his minutes are hovering right below 30 a game. It would deb nice to see him get a little more run but I would consider him a decent GPP play today for around 30-35 fdp.

6.Dennis Smith Jr 6.5k - the dude can ball. He is going to be playing today vs Golden State after sitting out due to a knee bruise. 6.5 is still a little high to be calling him a value play but I could see him putting upa 35 FDP tonight. Worth a look but still a little to pricey for me on a slate loaded with PG value. 

7.De’Aaron Fox 5.2k- I love me some Fox tonight for value. Actually love this whole game today. Its early in the season but we can already see that attacking the Suns in DFS is a gold mine. The Suns are terrible at defending and its like a track meet out there. Which us fantasy players love. Fox is a solid mid tier value plug and I can see an easy 6x tonight for 35ish FDP vs a Suns team that ranks 30th against PGs. 

7. Malcolm Delany 3.1k- Dennis Shroeder has been ruled out with an ankle injury. Leaving the Hawks with a huge usage spot to fill. Who is going to score for the Hawks? They are awful to even watch as they look very unorganized on the court. With that said Delaney should step into the starting spot tonight. Noted it is not an easy matchup but the minutes should be there for him. At min price and a potential of 30 minutes of run, I will be giving Delaney a look as a value plug today.  

8. Mike James 3.5k- this is my deep sleeper value plug of the night. Actually as I am typing this the suns sent Eric Bledsoe home and they no longer expect to him to play for the Suns again. With this scenario unfolding, it leaves plenty of PG minutes open. The past previous games James minutes have been creeping up into the 22ish range. Now the suns still have Tyler Ulis who will be fighting James for those minutes and is also someone I would consider. Like I mentioned earlier this game could be nice for DFS purposes tonight. I could see 22 to 15 FDP for James tn. 


1.   James Harden 11.3k- What can I say here. If you watch any kind of basketball you know that Harden is a beast. He usually is a usage monster and will go out of his way to get his. With that said he does draw a tougher match up today against Memphis and to be honest he hasn't had one of those WOW games yet. Chris Paul is still out so they will lean on Harden to create offense as they often do anyway. You need about 55 or a little more for him to be of any value to you tonight. I think he's a viable cash game play as he is a consistent play for FDP. I wont be having much exposure here as I will be paying up at other positions. 

2. Bradley Beal 8k- I do love me some Brad Beal y’all. He has a decent usage and is going to jack shots regardless. Playing against Denver who we love to attack at the guard positions, he should see plenty of scoring opportunities. If using him, I would look to pair him with Wall for a potential 100 combined FDP. This is something I did earlier this year and had one of my highest point totals yet of 385. At 8k its a little pricey andyou'll be wanting 45 from him, which is more than attainable against Denver. On a side note, Garry Harris has been playing a lot better defense and the nuggets have as a whole. Something to keep an eye on. 

3. Devin Booker 7.2k-  Devin Booker, this man can score in bunches. As we watch him last year drop 72 points in a game. With the recent news of Bledsoe not playing tonight or possibly never again with the Suns, Booker could be in line for a usage bump. And boy do we do love usage bumps. Going up against Sactown tonight who is 16th in DVP vs opposing SG, I would have to deem Booker safe to use across all formats. Consistent player with a very high ceiling.

4.  Eric Gordon 6.2k-  Eric Gordon can ball. His usage off the bench is pretty insane. And with no CP3 he should get the start. This makes him worth a hard look at that price tag of his. Don't sleep on him today. 

5. Jeremy Lamb 5.5k- Lamb at this price tag is worth your look tonight. Milwaukee can not guard the 2 at all. With Batum out Lamb has filled in nicely as scoring option for the Hornets. The Bucks rank 27th in DVPvs SGs and I could see 24 - 28 in FDP tonight for Lamb. 

6. Avery Bradley 5.5k-  I like Avery Bradley tonight at this price tag. Playing against Philly who I have been attacking at the 2 for years now. He is also one hell of a defender and with Fanduel’s new scoring system where steals are now 3 points as well as blocks, he could put up a great ROI tonight. At his price tag I can see him putting up 30 FDP which is a little above his value for tonight. I wont be playing anyone below this price range as I don't see the reason to tonight. 


1. Kevin Durant 10.2k- Durant is an amazing basketball player, but he plays on a team where there are a lot of other scoring options. The same reasons I mentioned above for Steph apply here as well. If we get news that Steph wont play for his incident, then Durant would become a great play tonight. With that said I don't see anything regarding Steph not playing tonight YET, so I personally won't be playing Durant. If you want to though, he is a consistent play for 40 FDP, but I just think you can find better value else where. 

2.  TJ Warren 5.6k- I love me some Warren, maybe I am a little biased here because he has won me so much damn money. Every time I play this man he drops a 40 spot. This game as I mentioned earlier is one I will be targeting some. Even with the Suns recent debacles I believe we can find some good value on this Suns team. No Bledsoe as I mentioned, will lead to more shots to go around for the starters. At this price tag I could see a nice 30-35 ball.  

3. Harrison Barnes 6.1k- Barnes isn't a fun guy to watch play but he gets the job done. He leads the NBA in getting his shot off when heavily defended. He gets to play against his former team Golden State tonight. So, maybe he has a little extra narrative sauce tonight. In three previous match ups vs GSW he has had36.1, 35.1 and a low 14.8fdp. At the price tag he is now, 30-35 would be decent value. 

4. Dillon Brooks 4.4k- My value nugget. Fizdale loves this kid and so do I. He has been getting a lot of minutes lately and even played 30 in a close game vs Golden State finishing with 18 FDP. The game before that he dropped 44 fdp in 29 minutes. The Griz have some players banged up today and I expect Brooks to get around 30-32 minutes tonight and at 4.4k could pay that tag off easily. 


1. The Greak Freak 12.2k- This man has been on a mission. He looks like the leagues MVP already early on in this young season. he has had over 60 fan duel points in all of his game so far.  This is the reason behind his massive price tag. There is plenty of value on this slate to fir him into your line ups. At that tag he needs over 60 for any type of value for you. Wont blame you if you play him but I believe you can find better ROI elsewhere.  

2. LaMarcus Aldridge 8.8k- This man has a crazy usage rate when Leonard is out. He has put up over 40 fdp in all his game this season. Tonight he gets a tougher matchup against Ibaka, but he is still going to get plenty of shots up and the Spurs will be looking got run most of their offense through him. He is a little expensive but with all the value emerging today he could fit just fine. Look for a decent performance of 40-45 fdp from him today. 

3. James Johsnon 5.9k- James Johnson is a good basketball player. Its a shame Spo doesn't start him every game. On that note, Whiteside is out again tonight and James will draw the start again. He does a little bit of everything out there, which make shim a stat sheet stuffer, and we love those type of players in DFS. I would say its safe to use him in all formats. 

4. Kelly Olynk 5.2k- same thing here. Kelly wont be getting the start but like last game, should see plenty of minutes with no Whiteside tonight. At his price tag and run, Kelly becomes a great value plug across the board. 

5. John Collins 4.8k- Value nugget here, I played him just last night and he was great. He was very active on the floor, which you love to see. You hate watching players like freakin, Ariza who just stand in the corner and don't do jack. Collins is an awesome rebounder and with the news that Ersan wont be playing tonight, I expect Collins to get a bump in minutes tonight. This makes collins worth a look if you need some salary relief for a stud or two. I could see 20-25 fdp for Collins today. 

6. Jarrell Martin 4.2k- JayMichael is out tonight and I expect Martin to get some more run today. He may be a little bit of a reach but if he gets 20 or more minutes could be a decent value plug at that price. I see potential 20 or so fdp for him tn.


1. Joel Embiid 8.5k- Embiid is playing against the Pistons tonight and gets the matchup of Andre Drummond. If you watched any preseason or any of the first couple games, you saw how terrible the Pistons were at defending the paint. Joel is a point per minute monster when he's playing. I expect him to have a good game today. He was complaining about not getting the ball in the post as much as he wants, so look for them to feed him down low more often tonight. 

2. Andre Drummond 8.3k- on the other side of this argument we have Drummond. This man has lost me so much money over the years. This year he looks a lot better though. He is even hitting his free throws. 100 percent on the year. Crazy, I know. Philly struggles to guard the 5 and Drummond is a great rebounder. Something to consider though is Embiid stays pretty active and can play on the perimeter, which makes foul trouble a point of concern for me for Drummond. 

3. Dwight Howard 7.4k- Dwight is worth the look as he has posted a double double in both of his game this year. He gets a matchup that isn't the easiest in the league. The Bucks rank top 5 at defending the center position. I would have to say that Dwight is more of a GPP option on this slate. 

4. Alex Len 4.7k- the new interim head coach Triano came out and said according to a tweet from Evan Sidery, that he wants to get the younger guys more involved to get them some development. With that said hopefully guys like Len will see more time and is worth a value look for salary relief. 

5. Lucas Nogueira 5k & Jacob Poeltl 4.5k- I am grouping these guys together here because both are riskier value plays due to my uncertainty of who willplay the most minutes. Jonas Valanciunas will be out tonight for the Raptors which means there some minutes to be spread around. Both got around 16-18 minutes last game after Val went down. If one or the other gets named starter that is the one I would roll with here in this situation.  I can see 2ish fdp from both of these fellas. 

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