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Welcome to DG courtroom; the best NBA Daily Fantasy Sports ("DFS") podcast in the land.

Our goal is to provide an informative yet uniquely entertaining DFS experience.  Each episode of DG Courtroom should make you laugh, cry, and prepare you for DFS domination.  We strive for innovation and to be the voice for the common DFS player.  While all the other DFS podcasts and websites provide the same boring, repetitive, and mundane content - allow DG Courtroom to be your escape from all the fraudulent nonsense going on in the DFS world.

The Judge has been a constant in the DFS game for 4+ years now, and his voice is the one of reason for all DFS players.  We are not going to give you scripts, optimizers, and projections here - 12,987 other sites have that content.  We are not a computer spitting out lineups.  Here, we strive for something much more...humans play DFS and that's who the Judge (via his podcast and website) wants to connect with.  A novel concept, I know.

Accordingly, if you seek a unique, innovate, and highly entertaining DFS experience - and one where you hopefully will achieve glory and make a lot of money - join the Judge, the Bailiff, and DG Courtroom.   



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